Guerrilla: 'We can get more out of the PS3 in future projects'

Today in a new part of the interview with Guerrilla Games about Killzone 2 on the Dutch website GameKings, Guerrilla talks about the graphical aspects of the game. Guerrilla talks about how their engine works and what they can do better in the future.
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Please scoll down on the page a bit to see the highlights of the interview. They have translated it to English a bit. If you want to read everything in English just hit the 'Alternative Sources:' link. (google translate) and you will get the whole story in English

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POGfinder3624d ago

we bow down to u Guerilla

i cant even imagine any game surpassing KZ2 on consoles this gen

Hopefully Killzone 3 will prove me wrong

Sony PlayStation 33624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Guerilla Games is incredible! They did what many said was impossible, in matching the E3 2005 target render, and now they are going to surpass it!

Simply astonishing!

I was in the final stage of the MP Beta and it was phenomenal! The gameplay was near perfection and it was just a beta!

POGfinder3624d ago

quick and dirty:

- goal: cinematic experience. lot's of post-processing. analogue look

- motion blur per pixel,
- noise, AA

- spu's are the key for optimal performance on the PS3: Deferred Rendering
- they often use all six: for full fire fights, physics, particles, mp3 streams, 7.1 audio, lighting
- they also help to render effects. 40% extra speed thanx to the spu's

- guns have to feel realsitic, reactions have to be realistic. hit impact system. every bullet has an effect on the surrounding or people in it
- stacked animations with real time rendered ragdoll.. and yep, blow heads off...

- every polygon has mass and material
- real time ray tracing
- holes are not a flat image of a hole
- collision detection of small particles, even sparks.. icing on the cake. will often go unnoticed while playing by a lot of people.

- 5.1 ambient mp3 streams that rotate when you rotate. on top of that stereo music, 3d sound effects, voices in the right positioning, sound filtering.. all in 7.1 uncompressed sound.

- extreme amount of lightsd. 230 lights in this screen (he's showinng the screen). they are proud of this level. impressive
- the robot alone has 8 lights

- tech was developed while making the game.

- they think they can go further and beyond what they're doing with killzone 2
AND they will show us in the future!!

Gambit073624d ago

Oh come on, Pong was using these technics years ago.

plain rice3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )


realtime raytracing? Sure about that?


NVM. Just watched the video interview of the developer. Real-time raytracing confirmed! Damn.

Killzone 2 is a graphical beast.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

ps3s father was right all along.

" next gen doesnt start until WE(SONY), say so."

I was in beta, and this is the only game so far this gen, that makes me think : "This is NEXT-GEN".

IN A BETA. who the fuc does that?


WOW.....I can only imagine how killzone3 will look like and god of war 3.I hope they use killzone2 engine for other games as well,a resistance3 with killzone2 graphics style will be big.Man get hyped....Killzone2 FEB 25TH (UK)

uie4rhig3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

they're showing off the PS3 devkit.. it has a switch, that shows all the hardware usage... including SPE, GPU usage etc.. he says that on a lot of action 6 of the 6 SPE's are used.. hmm pretty unclear tho seeing the information on the screen.. maybe someone else can see it better.. it starts around 3.45

edit: the guy also says that the SPE's also aid in rendering for the first time, instead of just letting the GPU work, the SPE's do some of the GPU work as well..

MazzingerZ3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

"ps3s father was right all along.
" next gen doesnt start until WE(SONY), say so."

To be fair, when I played MGS4 I felt that "this is next-gen" and I'm sure we'll get the same feeling from GoW3 and GT5...the important thing here is that no developer so far has said anything about maxing out the PS3 so expect that "this is next-gen" feeling tto remain true during the coming years

Even XBLA devs have said they can't get more from the know dev said that during an interview with Major Nelson to what Major Nelson surprised answered "...interesting"...E pic said that they could push it a "little bit"...other devs have expressed the same but not a single one something similar about the PS3...

Not that is bad to say that about the X360 because games looks nice but it's really exciting not to hear that about the PS3 and Killzone 2 is living proof of why

AAACE53624d ago

I gotta point this out!

When Bungie or Epic says something like this, people go on a rant and say the game will be crap cause they aren't taking advantage of all the power of the console!

Where's the logic?

Anyway, KZ 2 already looks to have a bright future, and could end up being the most popular Ps3 online game to date!

Almost time people get ready!!!

Amnesiac3624d ago

No, the reason for that is because only children play Halo and Gears of War these days...

Killzone 2 is a manly game for manly men.

TheExecutive3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

The first game this generation that is literally dropping my jaw. The PS3 is a beast..... most of us knew it all along... we just needed some proof.

With a price drop this year and games like uncharted and KZ2 coming out the ps3 is going to fully legitimize itself as the console to have for '09


I see what you did there. I guess we would swoon over bungie or epic if they could produce products like KZ2 (graphically) but they cant. I am starting to hate the unreal engine. As for bungie, well, I dont really have anything to bad to say about them :) but they could have
done more with Halo3


I just read that the delayed death animations are gone in multiplayer! Oh and there are decapitations and the bodies act like they do in the singleplayer. Quote from TTP:

"- Death animation delay 100% fixed. Also online animations are MUCH better as well. On par with offline ones I'd say. No floating corpse glitch. Bodies fly back and fall down with proper weight, realistically and awesomely, when hit by explosions or close shotgun hits. Helmets jump off as well. And yeah, decapitations are in as well. "

eagle213624d ago

White with their logo in black, and a PS icon on the upper back near the collar!

I'm a fan. What they have achieved is paramount. :)

PS3 is paramount as well!


Mgs4 is a very valid point. but then again so is little big planet, warhawk, resistance2, uncharted, etc. They each have that 1 thing that puts them on the next level above other titles.

What killzone manages to do is take every part of the game, to the next level.

that is why everyone from beta testers to reviewers are like "OMGWTFBBQGTFOROFLSTFU, this is not possible"

MazzingerZ3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )


My point exactly...during 2007 we didn't talk about RFOM being the best looking game on the PS3 but about Uncharted, early during 2008 was MGS4 and GT5P...then LBP wasn't that far Killzone 2 and so on...the quality improves all the's the HW that makes those games possible rather than an optimized gaming engine for the PS3 so we can expect big things this and the coming years.

pain777pas3623d ago

They have a great engine hear folks so whatever they want to do from here their business. Well done Guerilla and don't do KZ3 right away save it for next gen start a new amazing franchise.

f7897903623d ago

Have they done that before in any game? Its going to look amazing.

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POGfinder3624d ago

they will blow you away

also the gameplay is incredible. man i was floored by the BETA

the BETA alone > all games on all other consoles

thereapersson3624d ago

They really are masters at what they do.

RememberThe3573623d ago

Imagine what Sony Santa Monica Studio is going to do with GOW3. It's going to be amazing. It was amazing what they did with the PS2, and I hope they can do the same with the PS3.

I can't wait to see what this system will put out in the next few years.

Sony's first party's are programing monsters and we'll see more from them in the future.

Sasanova3624d ago

modern day Einsteins is what they are!!!

POGfinder3624d ago

my favourite scientist

yes Guerilla are the einsteins of gaming

Mukiwa3624d ago

Slightly off topic here but my favourite scientist has got to be Nikola Tesla without a doubt.


thereapersson3624d ago

Hahaha, that was an awesome article. And I agree -- Tesla is a badass engineer / inventor / overall mad scientist.

Tryst3624d ago

Is the 'Tesla' character out of the film The Prestige based on this guy? It is the character played by David Bowie.

(off topic: what a film that is!)

Mukiwa3624d ago

I'm honestly not sure dude, but i get where you're coming from. And yes it is a cracking film!

thereapersson3624d ago

Yeah, that's the same guy. Remember the scene where he remotely lights up all those bulbs? That's based off real experiments that Tesla conducted.

caffman3624d ago

here is another name for you
oops can't say that one.
Or that one.
Or that one.
ah here is one
multi-account liar

Sasanova3624d ago

Yes, Nikola Tesla is my all time favorite as well, but i have a reason, since i am Serbian, like him :> I have a picture in my wallet of him, behind my lisence and had it there for about 3 years now, because he is printed on the money! I researched everything about him since i was little, its amazing what he did for modern day...and to think thomas edison and many others took or stole everything he ever made, due to rockafella deciding not to fund him any further...either way, he goes down in history as the only man who is rumored to have came from the future to kick start our generation...incredible really

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ice_prophecy3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Hmm Engine plays such a large role in a game....

No offense to the Unreal engine, but I hope that we see less of it. Unreal engine did a lot for the gaming community, but its time for them to explore other options.

I reckon Gears 2 is the epitome of what we will see from the current version of Unreal Engine. A fine looking game that.

thereapersson3624d ago

I agree. The UE does look good, but it's not without its shortcomings. For example, crappy looking water in Gears of War 2...

The Lazy One3624d ago

idTech, project offset's, and obviously this one (if they make it open to other developers).

I think idtech and Unreal are probably the most developer friendly though.

beavis4play3624d ago

for me, i'm personally more excited when devs (like insomniac, GG,santa monica studios, naughty dog) come up with their own engines. the results seem to be more spectacular than using an "unreal" type of engine that is pimped out to a lot of "me too" devs. even with gears.......while the game looked very good, it still seemed a lot like the unreal games to me. (characters/enemies and gothic looking enviroments all looked like unreal staples) but KZ2, uncharted 1/2, heavy rain, ratchet: ToD, GOW3 all appear to have their own unique look. and that's part of what makes the games special,.

ice_prophecy3624d ago

I do stress the word current in my previous post.

Halochampian3624d ago

Water looked great in Gears 2. Halo 3 is still my favorite for water though.

The Lazy One3624d ago

you can get good results, but it increases dev time and cost by a very significant amount. More specifically dev time, because you do have to pay for licensing.

On the flip side, you can also get people that make really bad engines, or people that can use engines like unreal marvelously. It's really a toss up as to which turns out better the majority of the time.

Halochampian3623d ago

lol at my disagrees. But no one wanted to say why. Typical. The water in gears 2 looked good. And Halo 3's water looked amazing with how it interacted with all the objects. Things would float downstream.

People can click disagree for many things but very few people can back up anything on this site.

RebornSpy3623d ago

using the Unreal engine. There's no way the water can look good...

I bet Killzone 2 will have the best water ever! Power of teh cell ftw!!!11!!

but what if it doesn't?

Halochampian3623d ago

what if it doesn't have water at all?!

RebornSpy3623d ago

The Helghast home world seems very dark and dry.

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