Softpedia: Grand Theft Auto IV Review

The gaming industry has quite a lot of iconic franchises, but in the genre of open world sandbox action games one reigns supreme, Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar's brainchild, this series has entertained us since the first top-down view versions appeared in 1997, and, with its latest Grand Theft Auto IV, has set new benchmarks for realism and story depth.

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rekonizakilla3626d ago

This is the most important part of this mini-review. Is the PC version of GTA IV more fun than the console one? Well, in short, yes, but there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration.

Like the fact that this mini statement is a complete lie. Sorry guy but this is the worst gta ever. There is no longer anything fun about the game. Liberty city stories multiplayer was better than this trash online. I hope I don't sound too rude about your remarks but, is this the 1st gta you've ever played or is there something you like about this game that I haven't noticed?
I like everyone else with a pulse was so excited to get this game but now I've bought and played it I wanna curl into the fetal position and cry myself to death.