VGT: Prince of Persia Review

VGT writes:

"Mirroring the challenges that lay ahead of reworked installments like Final Fantasy XII, Resident Evil 4, and even the Prince of Persia series itself, Ubisoft have set out to do something unique with this new run at the Prince series -- make it completely different, yet keep most of its core elements largely similar. That's exactly what they've done with their simply titled Price of Persia; from the smooth Spider Man-esque/parkour mechanics to the narrative flow, we feel like we're playing a direct installment from the Prince's series. But the revamped combat, visual presentation, and brand new protagonist make Prince of Persia a different experience in other veins -- and, outside of the game's undeniably easy difficulty level and mildly sluggish fight sequences, this new Prince nails all his landings."

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