How to get the Windows 7 Public Beta

MaximumPC writes:

"Ever since the Windows 7 public beta went live yesterday, Microsoft servers have been buckling under the demand. The much coveted ISO files and CD keys have had somewhat sporadic available, but as always can be had if you know where to look. Luckily for you, we've kicked over every stone to bring you everything you'll need to get started."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3625d ago

Another OS flop like Vista courtesy of Microflop

bumnut3625d ago

im using it now, its runs well and installed without trouble.

it even finds its own drivers.

looks good so far

freeblue3625d ago

trying it now.. Window 7 runs smoother than Vista on my HP laptop.. it even able to find the Nvida Driver for my 7600, I didn't even have to go to HP website to download seperate driver for it. Window Update did it for me.

but beside the performance, visually Window 7 looks way similar to Vista. They really need to hire some animators to design some of those visual/moving icon. I love the concept video of Vista on youtube, where the Icon jumps around on login screen, and pictures shift around and stuff.

bumnut3625d ago

i did not have any problems downloading it, it was done within 2 hours and i now have it dual booting with xp.

it works fine so far but i have not tried any games yet.

fyi i got the 64 bit version

lord_monkey3624d ago

i think gamers are in beta feaver after the R2 ,Socom
LBP ,Kllzone 2 ,L4D , and COD WAW betas the need some more betas so now its windows 7