As Seen at CES: Microsoft Surface Fail

Intrepid reader Yves Milord snapped a pic of what might be the first error message seen on a Microsoft Surface.

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Johnny Rotten3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Wow looks like things didn't go to smooth for Microsoft at this years CES... convincing people to buy Windows 7, faulty software, and a bad case of overheating.

PS: even though this is a honest comment I kept it in the open zone so try not to take it to heart.

AdolfBinBush3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

it was just a bit disappointing and stuff..

eagle213629d ago

Not surprising indeed. :)

Mr Bot3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

its starting to be part of MS to have some type of failures in their products.

actually its not starting but its is already part of it!
window 7, vista, blue screen xp error, 360 RROD, Zone etc!!

drewdrakes3629d ago

This happens to everyone, just people blow it out of proportion with MS.

Much like how MS's commercials were made by a firm using Mac's. But if you think that in all of Apple there are no Windows computers then youre ignorant.

uxo223628d ago

Nice comment, glad to see someone around here can actually think intelligently. Bubbles up.

umair_s513628d ago

@ Mr bot

And many more coming soon!


WOW. simply amazing.

i wonder what DEATH/FAIL acronym this will get?

TheDude2dot03628d ago

At Apple Stores, they use XPs to reset iPods that use XP iTunes.

FarEastOrient3628d ago

I wonder what we can call this failure, it needs to have a ring to it somewhere.

f7897903628d ago

Now when releasing it however, it needs to work.

pixelsword3628d ago

It's not like the whole thing self-destructed.

Maddens Raiders3628d ago

is that Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift is the Best Off-Road Racing game of All-Time.

paul-p19883628d ago

i always thought 'M$' and 'system error' belonged in the same sentence :P

Moto133628d ago

I am definitely not surprised that an error happened on a piece of software, but if I understnad your comment correctly I think you might be trying to bash Microsoft. just for everyone's record as you kids these days don't see this I guess, NO software is ever perfect! You can't judge a piece of software based on an error. Surface is a great piece of software indeed. I was lucky enough to be able to play around with it and it was great. Apple products aren't perfect either, safari on my iPhone crashes all the freakin time and it is annoying as hell. There are some people in these comments already bashing Windows 7? Now that's seriously halarious. Every preview has been positive and the product is still in Beta stages. You can bash on Microsoft if you want when it's something legit (like 360 RROD) but a small error like this isn't a big deal at all and it happens in all sorts of softwares.

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IzKyD13313629d ago

Has anyone experienced any problems with Windows 7?
I still haven't decided if I wanted to download the beta

Graphics Whore3629d ago

Make a separate partition so you don't have to re-install another OS if there is a problem. I have Windows XP and Windows 7 on to separate partitions and I honestly Love Windows 7.

Kushan3629d ago

Using Windows 7 right now. With Firefox 3.1b2 no less. Very very happy with it, fast as anything!

kewlkat0073629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I like it so far, but I still need a CD-Key I have 120 days left or something like that.

On the article: CES is about showcasing new technology(not yet available to the public) so who cares if there is hiccups.

I know, because it's MS it's a big deal....meh

I still need a CD-Key for W7 Beta??

darkequitus3629d ago

Windows 7 invery good indeed. Put Vista a couple of years ago on my XP Vaio 5SM-s. That killed it. Put W7 on a separate partition WOW. Very impressed so far.


uie4rhig3629d ago

go here:
and at the top right corner click on sign in, and sign in using a microsoft live id.. then you can get a legit key from MS here:

if you don't login first, you'll be redirected to microsoft website :P

PS360PCROCKS3629d ago

Me as well. Firefox 3.1 ROCKS! I'm running all betas lol. I'm running the Beta and I really like it. But I kinda screwed up and deleted XP like a noob so I'm stuck with this til August. But I have a Vista CD from a Laptop I purchased so I'm going to install that and just do an upgrade when Windows 7 truly releases.

RememberThe3573628d ago

how large should I make the partition?

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TIKUP3629d ago

are we suprised here??

Handsome_Devil3629d ago

kinda yeah, not to much though.

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