Look out, Microsoft Surface - the iTable might just trump you in every way

Who would have thought that one of the coolest things seen at CES would be hidden in a 10×10 booth at the very back of the South Hall? Like a diamond in the rough, there sat the PQ Labs iTablet.

They've essentially taken the idea behind the Microsoft Surface and have done it better in every way. It's cheaper, it's gorgeous, and perhaps most notably, it's not a hulking monster.

Two of the most notable features of the Surface are its multitouch capabilities and the availability of a development SDK, both of which PQ Labs has matched (or, in the case of the SDK, plan to match soon). The number of fingers detected by the multitouch sensor is limited only by the individual software designer's desire - the hardware itself supports as many simultaneous prods as you can throw at it.

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Awookie3624d ago

Guy looks like a total stoner
I don't think this kind of product will catch on to a a mass level yet but it looks neat

TaylorFlatt3624d ago

I don't think anything remotely like this will catch on to be honest. The way I think is that something like this could either work completely right or not right at all. I would go towards the latter since it is a sort of first generation. But I don't know, it would definitely be cool.

hunter213624d ago

product looks great but the one whos introducing it sucks.