CES 09 Hands-on / Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition FightStick

TVGB: "Skeptical. That would be the best word to describe my attitude towards the entire Street Fighter IV set up at Capcom's suite in the Planet Hollywood Hotel. Picture this: four 36? HDTV's all lined up next to each other, each one playing the final build of SF4. I felt a little guilty when I saw it all because it had about the same effect on me as if I had met Amy Winehouse or Tony Romo; I really didn't care. My love of fighting games faded sometime after Tekken 3 hit consoles. It just felt like the genre had hit its limit as far as new and exciting gameplay was concerned."

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thereapersson3628d ago

And they're previewing the X360 version, playing the game on the X360 as well... :)