CES 2009: 'Killzone 2' Developer Presentation Video

Can't get enough "Killzone 2" before its February 27th release? At CES 2009, Guerrilla Games co-founder Hermen Hulst was on hand to show off just how far the game has come in the four years since its CGI target trailer first made headlines. Fifteen minutes of artistic claims and off-kilter video highlights await you at GameCyte.

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hotwright883625d ago

did anyone notice the glitch in the opening gameplay scene( when they are flying into the battlefield) The guns of the ISA soldiers are flickering. I hope they caught that and i also hope it will be fixed

Snow3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

yeah..that is a little strange

DA_SHREDDER3624d ago

Ive been waiting for this game for too long. I think Silicon Knights should take note though. This is what a game that takes 4 years to make should look like.

Rhythmattic3624d ago

Imagine if GG actually put a small extra bonus level that is the Same as the infamous 2005 Trailer?

So lets just say, to do this, Take out all the intensive stuff like the Deferred rendering, Drop the poly count of the Helgast and just put them in cloaks (as in the trailer) , downgrade the Fire FX (which are better in game than the trailer) and play out that that one scene in game ?

I reckon they could do it.

Obviously its a hypothetical... But wouldnt that be COOL !!

LinuxGuru3624d ago

LOL I see what you did there, Rhythmattic.


bmatthews3624d ago

The video was an older build of the game, you know that because Sev's Mohawk was the old version.

FOXDIE3624d ago


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The Hunter3625d ago

Where is coming all that crap Approvals!! This we have already see!

Ok ok, this better quality, but is that a reason?

ahnonamis3625d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Well, other than that it's also specifically about the one game I wanted to see the presentation for. I don't want to load a 30 minute video and then skip around to try and find where Killzone 2's presentation starts.

beavis4play3625d ago

i think that is worth approval.

Aclay3624d ago

I saw this video on Friday for the first time on G4's website and it was pretty damn good. This Presentation also has the "Ballet of Death" videos as well as the other KZ2 CES videos that are on Gametrailers, so if you don't want Spoliers, then don't watch it... but I just couldn't resist.

DrWan3624d ago

G4TV had the whole Sony conference from beginning to finish

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The story is too old to be commented.