PlayStation 3 and Blockbuster: The Perfect Match?

Although the PS3 is still the best console for movies (Blu-ray's look fantastic and DVD upscaling is great), it has lost a lot of that thunder with Microsoft's New Xbox Experience, which integrated Netflix streaming into the Xbox 360. How can Sony fully regain that edge?

Easy really: make a deal with Blockbuster for the same exact thing. It would be a great deal for everyone: PS3 owners, Sony, and even Blockbuster

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GiantEnemyLobster3451d ago

Sony might Microsoft's Netflix idea. How surprising.

Graphics Whore3451d ago

PlayStation Video Store Open For Business:

This is a just a new business acquisition, I've provided the links to show you Sony already has a rental and buying DD service.

eugenewatson3451d ago


PoSTedUP3451d ago

well they already have, internet browser with flash9 lets me stream any movie i want... for free... soo....

GIJeff3451d ago

well said. I do use blockbuster and on demand as my primary source for rentals.

Graphics Whore3451d ago

Before people say he's pirating, he's not A) Downloading any data onto his hard drive B) streaming it via the internet on a browser.

y0haN3451d ago

Graphics Whore you don't understand what "Downloading" means. But let's not get into that.

IzKyD13313451d ago

With the PS3, you can watch anything from hulu, youtube, (and other sites that house full movies)
and the best part: no 2 hour downloads

prunchess3451d ago

"it has lost a lot of that thunder with Microsoft's New Xbox Experience"

Pure waffle that.

eagle213451d ago

but I like the idea of this partnership. They look great together.

uie4rhig3451d ago

i dont know how netflix owns them all.. however, a deal with blockbuster is a very good idea and will be a big blow to MS lol.. so i say go for it Sony!

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Johnny Rotten3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

The Blockbuster by my house is starting to sell a bunch of Sony products including stand alone Blu-ray players, they also have an isle dedicated to Blu-ray as well.

Snow3451d ago

Same here.Two of the blockbuster in my neighborhood have giant kiosk's with 4 40-50" Sony tv's right in the middle of the store.

2 showing movies
2 game demos

and PS3 bundles all around the bottom of it.It's pretty cool actually,especially the way they have all these lights shining towards the kiosk.Really stands out.

I wouldn't be surprised to hear a Sony-Blockbuster relationship announced sometime in the near future.

Highatus3451d ago

Yep brand new Blu-Ray showcase kiosk in the Blockbuster here, along with a huge isle full of Blu-Rays, not to mention the now hundreds of Sony Walkmens at the counters.

FarEastOrient3450d ago

The reason being is that Sony already has stock in Blockbuster's streaming technology and movie lign-ups. This is the reason why Netflix wouldn't go to Sony...

mastiffchild3451d ago

I can see more in this for BB than Sony to be honest though here in Europe with no vid store on PSN it might make some sense.

Highatus3451d ago

No movie store on the PSN in Canada yet either >.<

Not to mention no Netflix either.

Sarick3451d ago

PSN has their own Movie store. I assume they want people to pay for their services though them. This would probably be good for both companies. It's about money for the services.

Sony having their own service allows them to fully regulate the rentals and purchases on their terms. By allowing Blockbuster to have the service they're "Giving up" their online movie store to blockbuster. In theory allowing Blockbusters superscription service would be more appealing customers.

I don't believe Sony would give up that controlling interest to increase hardware popularity especially if the online store is doing ok. They could split the rental profits but that's not likely considering the movie store is already 100% available.

winlonghorn3451d ago

Yes, but Microsoft is doing the same thing. :) They have a video download service on xbox live. Therefore, it wouldn't make a difference. :)

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