Giant Bomb Exclusive: Race Pro's GT Class Unveiled

Brad Shoemaker of writes:
"Atari have provided us with some automotive media of a decidedly more serious bent. Next month, the company is publishing Race Pro, an Xbox 360-exclusive racer that puts the focus on hardcore simulation, a la Gran Turismo or Forza. The Swedish developer, SimBin, has been laying it down in the PC racing-sim world since 2005 with games like GTR, but this is the first time it's moved into the arguably more competitive console racing market."

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Narutone663624d ago

Looks like Forza with a slightly better graphics. But still can't compare to GT.

JOLLY13624d ago

I would hate to have to go up against a game for such mediocre physics. At least these should be good.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3624d ago

Looks like another flop on the 3FIXME.Get that pre-order Jolly1.

Narutone663623d ago

GT for practice. Thus the reason, GT is the foremost race car simulation for the race car enthusiast. The race car simulation game for the thinking gamer. This game and the Forza series are just too arcady to be a simulation. All Forza has going for it is the user created design on their car. I wonder what this game have to offer.

JOLLY13623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

You name one real driver that uses gt and I will name 3 that use Forza.