Sarcastic Gamer: CES: Killzone 2 Single Player Impressions

Although CES isn't known as a "gaming conference" both Sony and Microsoft had impressive booths dedicated to exclusive titles coming out for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2009. One of the big daddy exclusives that will be gracing our presence in February 2009 is, of course, Killzone 2 and I spent about an hour on the first two levels and I'll tell you all about it, after the jump.

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Spike473623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

but he does mention that the controls are complicated. However, I don't see why you can't just adapt to it. He mentioned there weren't any invisible walls or stuff like that so thats good.

wil4hire3623d ago

It makes me sick to no end reading the controls comments. Controls are there for you to learn, thats why there is a learning curve for all games. Why on earth do all games need the same exact scheme. Games that they are comparing it to don't even have 100% customizable setups. It really breaks my mind to try to put myself in the mindset of a moron who can't figure out what button is crouch.

THese same idiots have no problem giving dead space high accolades, yet have no problem h olding buttons to run.

God, such chicken S.

They cant talk about the graphics
they cant talk about the gameplay

so what can they talk about?

The most SUBJECTIVE thing ever. CONTROLS.

Hey, if I can figure out SIREN's beyond retarded controls and still enjoy the fing game, im sure people can figure out crouch.

KZ2 will be the first game in history to get a lower grade due to 1 button. Quote me on that.

beavis4play3622d ago

i know it comes down to preference but, i like that setup.

PwnShop3622d ago

Actually it will be because of two buttons and an analog stick

cmrbe3622d ago

Because they are retards.

thor3622d ago

Very well said. They complain about having to "hold down the L2 button" - as if this is a problem! Seriously, can anybody actually say that they have ever had a problem holding down a shoulder button? It's beyond retarded. I've been playing a lot of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift recently, and guess what, you hold down R2 to accelerate almost all the time. But do people complain? NO! They just get on with it. They have EXPLAINED why there is no crouch/cover toggle in SP, it was because it SLOWED THE GAME DOWN which they DIDN'T WANT. Once you've disallowed a toggle, you then have to have it on a shoulder button otherwise you have to contort your hands in weird ways.

99.9% of people will have NO ISSUE with the crouch button. The crouch button! Is this what hating on the game has turned into? It went from graphics, to gameplay, to AI, and now a single button. It must be stunningly good in every other area such that a single button gets so much hate. You know what, if I were given the option to put crouch as a toggle on circle, or hold down L2, I would choose to hold down L2. I HAVEN'T PLAYED COD4 on consoles, and I don't know what it is that's so wonderous and mystical about it but to me the control layout looks PRETTY MUCH THE BLIDDY SAME AS ANY OTHER GAME. You move and aim with the sticks, shoulder buttons have your most-used options like shooting, and the other buttons do other stuff within the context of the game. You LEARN THE CONTROLS.

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Megaton3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

I got into the beta at Phase 2, and I really can't say there's anything wrong with the controls. I did tweak them so the zoom is on the R3, since it doesn't zoom by holding it, but by tapping it instead. If I remember correctly that re-assigned melee to L1. Aside from that one swap, I left it at default, and it worked fine.

Playa79703622d ago


GiantEnemyLobster3622d ago

LMAO how hard is it to get the controls right? I'll give this game a 6/10 because i'm a nice guy.

Graphics Whore3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Don't hurt yourself lobster.

"I was having so much fun at this point that I hadn’t noticed the crowd that had gathered behind me and was cheering me on when I did something particularly gruesome or crazy. There are very few games that I’ve ever played or watched that come across as engaging as Killzone 2. People just wanted to watch the game being played. That is an impressive feat in itself and it was something that I could absolutely understand after my brief time with the game." - Lono

THC CELL3622d ago

hard lobster lol u are just a noob man
grow some balls cause i no u are scared of the ps3 elites

-GametimeUK-3622d ago

beautiful graphics, boring gameplay and broken controls... Maybe KZ2 is gonna be the flop I am predicting it to be... PROVE ME WRONG KZ2 I DARE YOU!

Blitzed3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

This coming from a guy who thinks Halo looks better...

"Halo all round looks like the better game with better visuals, possibly better soundtrack and the gameplay looks much better..."

"Halo has some of the best visuals this gen... The art design is brilliant and the world seems full of life and is very vibrant... Visually its better than Killzone2..."

We get it, you love Halo which is great, and you're not interested in KZ2. You're so not interested that you comment in every KZ2 thread.

On topic: Preordered this today!

solidjun53622d ago

...for months now PP's other account. We get it, you don't like the PS3. *yawn*

nomad1173622d ago

Wow I'm glad that you've already played the game if you think it's gameplay is boring. So how did you happen to play it early again?

Aclay3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

"beautiful graphics, boring gameplay and broken controls... Maybe KZ2 is gonna be the flop I am predicting it to be... PROVE ME WRONG KZ2 I DARE YOU!"

Did you even read the damn article?

Boring gameplay? The guy writing the article said: "I was having so much fun at this point that I hadn’t noticed the crowd that had gathered behind me and was cheering me on when I did something particularly gruesome or crazy."

If you think Killzone 2's gameplay is boring, you've got problems man. Just watching gameplay videos of Killzone 2 gets my heart racing. You haven't even played Killzone 2, so you are in no position to be calling it "boring".

The controls aren't broken, this guy obviously couldn't get used to them in the short time he played it. I have yet to hear any "major" gaming website complain about Killzone 2's controls.

Calling Killzone 2 a "FLOP" right about now to me is like saying that Halo: ODST will be a FLOP and neither of those things are going to happen. Anyone that still thinks KZ2 is going to be a FLOP is seriously a Xbox fanboy in denial.

And don't worry, Killzone 2 and Guerrilla Games WILL prove you wrong, I guarantee it.

Ju3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

You are placing a safe bet here. It will prove you wrong.

Oner3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

You can't be serious Blitzed?

Edit: OMG I just checked...

no words

Sony PlayStation 33622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Take his bubbles and report him as spam.

He trolls in every every positive PS3 article and ruins it with negative/bashing comments. In response to one article he said actually Halo 3 has better graphics and is better in every way.

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