Sarcastic Gamer: CES 2009 Gaming Impressions

Lono writes: CES is not a gaming convention. It is a gadget and software convention. That said, there's a lot of gaming peripherals and games themselves on display. My updated impressions of the trade show and a bit of info as to what I saw and experienced.

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Carbide73629d ago

Sounds like he needed to change his pants too, like I did. And I didn't even go to the convention.

gta28003629d ago

February 27 will be a cumfest. Keeping your pants clean will be inevitable.


emmmm pple cuming for a game is not cool... :/ I blive that is ment for girls!!!!!! But i am so buying killzone2 on day1

PPnoPP3629d ago

Im a Xbox Fan Boy I for one won't be buying Killzone 2 because its a PS3 game which = NO NO and that means every ps3 game EVER.

Also everyone who owns a xbox360 shouldn't get this game.

gta28003629d ago

Jealous, idiot xbot confirmed.


LMAO PP...Another account,well get ready to be bubbled down again.. MOUHAHAHA... :P

NaiNaiNai3629d ago

PP STFU, you are real old now. anyways i cant wait for KZ2, i finally get my PS3, >.> was supposed to get it back before x-mas, but bloody car threw a rod, so i had to get another. well im all free. i get my ps3 and finnaly get to play MGS4. cant wait.

mirroredderorrim3629d ago

I will be 'cumming' twice then.

Draperc3629d ago

One month! Just one month before I'll get to play killzone 2! FFFFF