MonsterVine - Next Zelda Title To Be Geared Towards Casuals

MonsterVine staff writer SparklingBlue writes "This afternoon, I learned that earthbounding , the creator of the videos pertaining to the next Zelda, has found some new information..."


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bomboclaat_gamer3540d ago

nintendo is dead to me. if they fvck with zelda it will be nintendo fanboys rioting with their wii controlls

lord_of_balrogs3539d ago

Even Zelda is going casual...... how many core games does the Wii have again?

GVON3539d ago

I think people have underestimated this patent as just zelda for casuals.What nintendo have got here is possibly a huge leap forward in both casual and hardcore gaming.

What this patent allows them to do is make this zelda the hardest ever,yet because of this system my 90 year old grandma could finish it.
The most hardcore fan would never need to use this system for bosses and puzzles,but if grandma was stuck this system would find hint vids to helping or allow them to skip that section completely,it could really be the first game to truly cater too anyone's skill levels.

If they nail this it will pave a way for nintendo to hold both demographics with a single game

Dark General3539d ago

Didn't Alone in the Dark already have that feature? Where you could fast forward and reward (skip ahead in a game or go back) by having like a chapter selection from the get go. Not exactly the FIRST time something like that is being seen.

phosphor1123539d ago

Agreed, Nintendo is on my "Hated Corporations" List.
I even like MS more than them. At least they try to cater to core gamers.

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eelnats20003540d ago

Zelda too?


ChickeyCantor3539d ago

you stood where? You mean the dramatic failure in sales?

Gue13540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

The link doesn't works and 3 people already approved the article... =|

MonsterVine3539d ago

I'm pretty sure the link works as I tested it in my browser, if not go to the front page of the site directly and click on the article. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Gue13539d ago

I still can't see it. I used internet explorer and firefox. Maybe is restricted for some countries? I can't even enter to the main page =(

Spike473540d ago

LOL, never heard of them and if they exist they probably own another console.
Nintendo likes counting their huge sums of money without making much of an effort for their install base.

Homicide3540d ago

Ah crap. That's why we had that Link Cross game.

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The story is too old to be commented.