Editorial: Gaming Blogs Proud To Have Buried EGM

It wasn't but a few days ago that right here at Blend Games, our own Andy Keener let our readers know that EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) bit the dust. It was a sad reality in that EGM has been a long-standing icon of video game journalism and the pinnacle of printed gaming magazines. However, when Hearst Media (owners of bought out and its subsidiary sites from Ziff Davis, very few gaming blogs were keen (or didn't care much) on letting the gaming world know that EGM wasn't going to be part of the buyout.

As opposed to popular belief, it wasn't that EGM had lost subscribers. Quite the contrary, according to an article on NeoSeeker, EGM had a steady estimate of 550 thousand paid subscribers. The simple truth of the matter is that UGO didn't want to stay in the "costly" print business, despite readers staying loyal to EGM, amongst all the internet gaming sites on the web. So the print magazine was given the axe. Not that many blog owners/journalist were complaining.

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Aaron Greenturd3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Hopefully EDGE is next, followed by GamesTM and/or Variety

The loss of these rags would bring the meta-score for future ps3 games up by at least 10 points....

TheColbertinator3601d ago

1up should have stayed with their Xbox and Playstation mags

gametheory3601d ago

Instead of

"Hopefully EDGE is next, followed by GamesTM and/or Variety "

"The loss of these rags would bring the meta-score for future ps3 games up by at least 10 points.... "

You probably meant:

"Hopefully EDGE is *not* next, followed by GamesTM and/or Variety

The loss of these rags would bring the meta-score for future ps3 games up by at least 10 points.... So we here at Microsoft will make sure that those loyal customers/employees stay on our payroll."

Unless you consider it's saturday and you're not doing your job today XD

Aaron Greenturd3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

You are 100% correct, and I need to stay on message. Here goes:

The loss of EGM/1UP is a colossal blow to my media rigging operations. Now all that's left is EDGE & GamesTM, our overseas corporate fronts, and Variety, our World of America media front.

The further loss of any 1 of these could bring the meta-score of ps3 games up 5-10 points, which will cause reviewers to start handing out 11/10 scores. This is unacceptable.

We will be bundling subscriptions to all 3 of these magazines to your Live account via stealth terms of service updates. So while you think you somehow got a free magazine subscription, in reality you will be funding our almost terrorist like propaganda activities.

You're welcome.

TheMART3601d ago

"Aaron Greenturd - 43 minutes ago
1 -
Hopefully EDGE is next, followed by GamesTM and/or Variety

The loss of these rags would bring the meta-score for future ps3 games up by at least 10 points.... "

Can anybody tell me how a tard like that gets so many bubbles? SDF in full force I see on N4G.

EDGE is a very respectable mag, its just that the PS3 games suck donkeyballs in general. But thats not the fault of the reviewer dude.

EGM its a loss. For a true gamer it really is. Besides internet I buy a lot of mags in the bookstore. Never subscriptions to one, always buying what I like that month best. EGM, EDGE, GamesTM some really great magazines.

Hope print stays besides websites!

dukadork23601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

like 90% of the gaming media that's been circle jerking off on the anti sony bandwagon. [email protected] them.

they all deserve miserable extinction like the [email protected] c0ck sucking dinos they really are!

the truth is: we don't need no more stinking "game journalists".
we need downloadable demos and online forums to talk about them.

i sure as hell don't need no fat corrupt sycophant getting bribed to tell me what game is worthy of my attention.

gametheory3601d ago

"PS3 games suck donkeyballs in general"

LMAO, and then you have the Chutzpah to call a humorist a "tard" even though you are taking him seriously? Seriously "Mart", change your avatar to "TheTard @ XbotQueens", that would suit you better!

celldomceen13601d ago

edge sucks gotta agree with greenturd on this one.

Firstkn1ghT3601d ago

If any magazine says anything bad about a ps3 game and the fanboys cry foul and start with thier million and one excuses about ani-sony. Cry babies.

Aaron Greenturd3601d ago

as you cover your keyboard in tears...

gametheory3601d ago

It's not if they say anything bad, it's only if it's blatantly obvious that they have an agenda. That is, if they are *consistently* outliers out of the whole bunch of reviewers.

Remember the infamous Dan Hsu Gears of War review? You probably don't or just have selective memory, but please read it and tell me the grade Mr. Hsu gives is consistent with all the criticism he awards to the game. It's truly ridiculous, but whatever.

As for Edge, Gamespot and Eurogamer, how come they are most of the times outliers in terms of PS3 exclusives? What the f*** is "too much variety" supposed to mean when talking about gameplay anyway? Why does EDGE love to rape a lot of PS3 exclusives? They don't have to do it with all of PS3 games, that would just be too obvious. As long as they show a tendency to be outliers then there is no reason to give them credibility, and especially if they make dumb comments on their reviews like Gamespot. Gametrailers has been caught redhanded before trying to make PS3 look bad, even the Video editor showed his true colors in a blog post he made even though he is supposed to remain neutral.

People love to hate the first places, which is why PS3 has gotten a lot of criticism, much of it unwarranted.

tplarkin73601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

It took over a day for the article on 1up to reach the top 3. It shows that not many people cared about EGM. (including myself)

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