IGN: CES 2009: Kodu Developer Commentary

Microsoft wants you to make games, and here's how.

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lockload3624d ago

Looks very easy to use i like the comment about being able to create racing and even FPS games, ill definitely be checking it out in the spring.

Cajun Chicken3624d ago

That was a really quick run through and I don't have a clue what on earth the guy was doing to operate what (I saw it three times and didn't get or catch exactly what he was switching on/off to do what), if that was just to spawn a playable 'character' and a few enemies, I can see Kudo being difficult to use for a majority already.

IQUITN4G3624d ago

That 12 year old girl seemed to prove it's not too hard once you understand the the process

In the same way people wont even go near the creating or editing side of LBP, this game will automatically put some off

Personally it looks brilliant to me and no doubt others too