LaptopBroker: Dell Latitude D830 Review

LaptopBroker: "Dell Latitude D830 is a revised and impressive successor to Latitude D820. This notebook offers many customizable options. It is specially designed to offer greater mobility, improved performance levels, and a longer battery life. This is in tune with the growing needs of businesses and economies of the twenty-first century. Latest Intel processors and next generation wireless technologies in Dell Latitude D830 offer the required durability and reliability.

Dell Latitude D830 weighs six pounds. Although this is a sleek model, it is not very lightweight. Six pounds is more on the upper side limit of a thin and lightweight model. This laptop offers all essentials like biometric security, integrated WAN, wide-screen, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and high processor speed. This is the perfect choice of laptop for people seeking a powerful and well-rounded portable for occasional travel. It is among the fastest Core 2 Duo machines."

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