SOE: PlayStation 3 MMOs will be huge

"MMOs are the next big thing on the PlayStation 3, if Sony Online Entertainment has anything to say about it.

The studio already has several highly successful MMO titles under its belt, but president John Smedley believes that when their MMOs hit the PlayStation 3, their business will almost double....."

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butterfinger3597d ago

you can put me down as one person that is extremely excited to see MMO's come to the PS3. I just wish they'd hurry up and get one out! lol.

Handsome_Devil3597d ago

two people so far in here :)

TOO PAWNED3597d ago

6, check DC universe walkthrough videos on GT, that looks very good

Maddens Raiders3597d ago

I just posted this in the forums. Looking forward to COV/COH (if it comes, The Agency and Marvel Universe Online....(not much of a DC fan)...glad to see Sony is really dedicated to keeping SOE alive and relative with fresh MMO' move.

Aaron Greenturd3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

my personalities count as 1 a piece, so make it 10.

Giriath3597d ago

8. I'm not too excited about DC Universe (it looks really good though). The Agency may suit my tastes better.

Sheddi3597d ago

The Agency and DC Heroes
Which one to pick?
I cant choose, they both look so great!

Doppy3597d ago

Great now just bring 'em out.

Sheddi3597d ago

MMOs takes time and ive only got time for one :P

Theo Paphitis3597d ago

Yeah I want that Blade & Soul game.

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Kain813597d ago

are one of the mmoRPGs iam waiting for, they said it will be release in 2009 for ps3

Kain813597d ago
You must use Google translate its in German.
By the way the pics are ingame^^

Gue13597d ago

All these look pretty crappy to me. The only one that for me looks at least a little bit good is the DC one but I hate DC with such a passion... But that MMO that Kain81 mentioned is more my style. I like that one. =)

tetsuhana3597d ago

Dart's right, Blade & Soul looks awesome and I'm sure it's one of those PS3 MMO's

Gambit073597d ago

The only thing I'm worried is that NCsoft never said these games are coming out on the PS3. I do know a few years ago they had a deal with Sony for a few MMOs.

silvacrest3597d ago

please let blade and souls come on the ps3

a martial arts MMO done right is exactly what i want right now

DBZ online hasnt received any info for ages so im assuming its a long way off

PlayStation3603597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

you get a bubble+ for showing me there is still hope for Blade & Soul coming to the PS3 :P
I want this game so bad. I love the artwork of Hyung-Tae Kim.

If it was coming, that would be the mmo I would spend most of my time on, no doubt.

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Radiodread3597d ago

I'm looking forward to titles more like Infamous, Heavenly sword, uncharted, Killzone 2 Resistance, Ratchet, heavy rain, and GT5. The worst two types of games for me are MMOs and JRPGS. YUCK.

Kain813597d ago

i would buy it 1st day for sure.
Heavenly Sword is a beautiful game and the Endfight was EPIC.

SPOILER-SPOILER-SPOILER------ ------------------------------- ------
----------------------------- ------------------------------- ------
----------------------------- ------------------------------- ------
----------------------------- ------------------------------- ------
The end was truly sad, why she must die in the end NARICOOOOOOOO

Maddens Raiders3595d ago

NT has already stated that they want to move forward with it so we'll see if Sony gives the green light. Yeah HS was one of the best games of 2007 -- simply a brilliant game with terrific acting and game play, let alone airtight storyline. Might want to mozy on over to the forums and put your two cents in on the Heavenly Sword 2 / WarHawk 3 discussion :)

Rip-Ridah3597d ago

I am looking forward to experiencing The Agency and DC Online. I also hope that NCsoft brings over City of Heroes/Villians. Lets not forget Tears For Blood!! I can't wait!!

ShinnokDrako3597d ago

I really hope they arrive, i love MMORPGs but... they started talking about these years ago and i don't see anything yet, even Free Realms or so ;((

Kain813597d ago

is released in Japan, it comletly free and free to Play.

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