Eidos Stock Plummets 25% in Early Hours Friday

Following disappointing sales of Tomb Raider: Underworld and lowered revenue forecasts, Eidos saw its stock take a 25% plunge after 750,000 shares were traded in the early hours of January 9th...

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PantherLotus3629d ago

I think the writing has been on the wall for Eidos for some time now. With this and the layoffs, the outlook is certainly stark.

gaminoz3629d ago

Do you think that releasing Underworld (which was released late here in OZ) with all the other AAA titles this Oct-Dec period made the Tomb Raider game less attractive, or is the whole adventure platforming genre in trouble next to shooters?

PantherLotus3629d ago

I think it's a combination of several things, including what you mentioned. Part of it may be that the Tomb Raider brand has been sullied, not unlike the Need For Speed series.