Rumor: Tomb Raider Dev Cuts 30 Employees Following 'Disappointing' Sales

Tomb Raider: Underworld developer Crystal Dynamics today slashed 30 employees from its workforce.

Crystal Dynamics owner Eidos earlier today expressed disappointment in the sales of Underworld, which has moved 1.5 million copies worldwide since its release--apparently a figure that did not meet Eidos' internal projects.

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DJ3626d ago

LBP sells 1.3 million copies, and is considered a huge success because so few people worked on that project (30 total) and very little money was spent.

Tomb Raider sells 1.5 million copies, and is considered a huge failure because so many people were involved and a huge amount of money was spent.

Cwalat3626d ago

this should come as a lesson for other devs...

when doing a multiplat... never favor a side.

bomboclaat_gamer3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

their choice to put dlc only on xbox 360 had nothing to do with the sales. life is not all about xbox 360 vs ps3. tomb raider is just not very popular anymore. grow up

dexterwang3625d ago

One thing I always wondered is how much of our 60$ for the game is going to the devs?
Even if its 30 bucks, they should have earned over 45million dollars.
With KZ2, a super high production value game is rumored to cost 70 million... How much can tomb raider cost?
The mystery of gaming finances....

Apocwhen3625d ago

I think it was just released at a bad time. It's not a bad game, but it's not fantastic either. The market got saturated with games in November/December. Games like Tomb Raider, Dead Space and Fallout all ended up on the shelves here selling for 19.99 and they are all good games.

TheTwelve3625d ago

No, dude...this game only sold 1.5 across SIX PLATFORMS.


This is a whole different situation than with LBP.

Wasn't this the game with exclusive 360 DLC? Looks like they didn't get enough money from Microsoft to save themselves...


LoVeRSaMa3625d ago

I know I didn't buy it just because of the 360 DLC crap, same goes with any other game tbh.

I won't be buying games from any sellout Devs anymore [=

Unlucky Tomb Raider, RIP 1996 - 2005ish.

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MGOelite3626d ago

if they cant even be bothered to put trophys in the game and for my fellow 360 gamers cant even be bothered to get to same resolution as the ps3 i dont see why anybody would want to buy it

The Judderman3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Er because its actually a good game. 1.5million sales end Nov to End of Dec is about the same as LBP's and Resistance... so those developers be sacked too then?

Graphics Whore3626d ago

Hard to compare that to a game that got 95% out of 100%.

TheTwelve3625d ago

1.5 million across SIX PLATFORMS.

Big problem.


The Judderman3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Its crazy. And it was actually a good game which makes it even worse.
Resistance also had a big team and sold around the same in the same time frame. If Sony were not covering the development costs the same thing would have happened there. Not a good thing.

Tryst3625d ago

I think you are wrong here. Tomb Raider was developed on 3 platforms (was it also on Wii??). R2 was developed on 1 platform.

I think there were more Tomb Raider devs since they were developing it on many platforms.

Insomniac have two teams who work in parallel. ONe team on Resistance and the other on Rachet and Clank.

grantps33626d ago

well tomb raider sucks..they should have ended it when it was still good...the only good thing about that game is laura's @ss

Heldrasil3626d ago

The series pretty much sucked after the first one. I am surprised they chose to keep publishing this crap.

Doppy3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

The game sold 1.5 million which is a little more than I would expect a Tomb Raider game to sell, so what were they expecting it to do reach 3 mil. The problem wasn't the game it's just that Tomb Raider hasn't been big since the PS1. Lara Croft just isn't enough to sell this game. Tomb Raider isn't up to par with today's games, its core gameplay foundation is still stuck in the days of PS1, and needs to evolve to be successful.

That being said this Tomb Raider was a decent game. The graphics were good (the areas looked great character models not so much), story was alright, the gameplay while mostly the same was better in some areas, and the exploring was good. But Tomb Raider just can't compare to games like Uncharted, and I think it's time for Lara to retire, and time for the developers to start on something fresh and new.

Warning to all devs. stop relying on sequels of games that were once great, but now should be buried (Sonic is next).

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