Death Is Not the End

Since the dawn of time, game players could be categorized as one of two things -- winners or losers. If you perform well, you win a game. If you don't, you lose. It's as simple as that. Lately, however, we've seen a paradigm shift; now we are seeing games you can't lose. Or, more accurately, games that don't have any clear, defined "losing" state. We're used to the tried-and-true "game over" screen, but what if you can't get a game over? Would it still be a game?

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cain1413625d ago

It's Game Over for Game Over...

ahnonamis3625d ago

I remember reading that a while back. Good stuff.

VirtualKatz3625d ago

Nice story. I really like the idea behind this. Nice thought process and another solid story by

Mr PS33625d ago

It's the Beggining

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