PSN gaming with the family

enewtabie of writes:

If you are like me and have children, then you know it's going to come time to play with the kids instead of shooting the Helghast or the Chimera. But, not all is lost. You can combine your hobby and enjoy some quality time with the kids also. The PS3 has gained it's reputation as being a machine for the educated hardcore gamer, but it also has a variety of games for the family that are available on the Playstation Network. I'll talk about some games that you should check out for the next time the kids want to play with you.

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Parapraxis3601d ago

Since this pertains to PSN games I'll leave LBP out, but Pain really should be there, kids 12+ really seem to love it.

Sev3601d ago

True, my nephews really love Pain. However, these are fun for the whole family, and honestly Pain annoys the crap out of me, and my wife hates it.

If it were PSN gaming for children, Pain would be at the top of our list.

Off topic, what do you think of our more "lifestyle" approach to our site?

Gambit073600d ago

Free Realms would probably be the jackpot for kids on the PSN.

sinncross3600d ago

Yeah especially since it is free to use(prices coming in when users want to make the experience more complete with extra stuff).

I really think Sony should advertise the family aspect of the PSN, heck the PS3 and PSP as a whole. While the price of the PS3 makes to hard for parents to see it as viable for their children, a family aspect might make parents seeing the PS3 as worthwhile for everyone.

Gambit073600d ago

I think that can only happen after a price drop.

woodwarrior3600d ago

Thanks for the article. It is helpful for those of us with kids. I have all of these but haven't explored the multiplayer aspect. Honestly I wish the PS3 did a better job of providing values for families like the PS2 did. Where are the great family-oriented retail titles like Sly Cooper and Tak. We do have a next gen Ratchet thanks to Insomniac, but that's about it. Another big factor for family gaming is splitscreen. Kudos to Incognito for Warhawk, and the music games for supporting 4 player local and online gaming. My kids and I love Burnout, but wish it had splitscreen. When families buy a PS3 they are looking at value to the family, and right now, PS3 has lost that market to the Wii.