Xbox LIVE 13 Month Card Price War writes:

"Who would have thought that the little 'ol Xbox LIVE Gold card would become the target of an internet retailer price war?

It looks like Walmart is flexing it's online muscle on, as they have the Xbox LIVE 13 Month Gold card available for $29.99 ($49.99 list). Amazon will likely get in the ring as well. We'll keep you posted as this story develops...

In times like these (don't you hate that phrase), every little bit helps.

So who is the big winner of an internet price war? You're the big winner..."

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Cajun Chicken3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Anyone know if anything like this is happening in the UK?

EDIT: Don't call me a hypocrite, because this is cheap.

Sano643626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

I just placed an order from amazon a few hours ago for around $39 and now they dont wanna let me cancel it! And its not even due to ship for a week! ____ you amazon!!!

Tsalagi3626d ago

Try contacting your bank if you used a debit card and tell them to not let the transaction go through. Some banks will only do this for Checks though.

Bnet3433626d ago

Not a bad deal. Xbox Live is a great service, for $30 you can't go wrong. I prefer the $20 3-month plan. I don't really have cash to spare ATM for this amazing deal. Good luck to those who can.

Cwalat3626d ago

wow, ppl actually going crazy... over this?

MS should learn from Sony and stop taking money from little kids pockets... just make Live free and Sony will have nowhere to run.

fartanspartan3626d ago

i did this too but i just did the online thing where you have amazon call you and just had them cancel it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3626d ago

It sucks to pay $30-50 for 12-month Live. Realilty that MS has more than 8.5 million paying subscribers. Conservatively estimation

30/12 months * $8.5 million = 21.25 million dollars every month

That is a lot of money they won't give up and are more likely to put that back into the network to keep MS ahead of the competition as well as keep some profits to fatten their pockets.

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Covenant3626d ago

Win/win for 360 owners.

I'm not due for renewal until July, but I might go ahead and jump in on one of these deals.

Tsalagi3626d ago

but might go ahead and order one of these cheap live cards. I've never used one before my current subscription is up though. Will it just wait until the current one expires and then automatically kick in?

caffman3626d ago

I'm now ok till march 2010

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