G4TV: Aaron Greenberg Interview: Xbox 360 in 2008 and the Future

CES is the first major trade show of 2009 and G4 wanted to catch up with Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft's Group Product Manager for Xbox 360, to talk about 2008 as well as what they have planned for the 360 in 2009.

They asked about the Xbox 360's holiday performance and found out where Microsoft sees its console's position with regard to the Wii and PS3. They learned some interesting things about Microsoft's recent push in Europe, which led to a lead over the PS3 in the region.

Even though Microsoft hasn't announced too many big, exclusive games for 2009, Greenberg explains that Microsoft is looking to take a different approach to hyping up games. There's a lot of great info about the New Xbox Experience and what the future hint: Gamers might not be seeing the next console from Microsoft anytime soon as the Xbox 360 has a "very long life ahead."

Aaron chats about Sony's Home, the chances of a PS3 price-drop in 2009, the differences between both company's digital distribution strategies and much more in G4's in-depth CES 2009 interview.

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TOO PAWNED3625d ago

Hmm longest interview ever and yet he didn't put one hard question on him, journalist was just scratching his b...s
Why not ask him about bad horrible line up for 09?
About PPL still getting RROD?
About bad sales in Japan, even if they are basically giving them for free over there.
1 million lead in EU is nothing, if you consider that PS3 launched year and a half LATER!
I really hate this kind of interviews.

N4PS3G3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

@TOO PAWNED-"Why not ask him about bad horrible line up for 09?"

He talks about the lack of big titles in 09.. did you actually read the interview?

here.. i did a recap for your question.

" but if you look back at January 2008 when we started the year you'll see that as a company, our philosophy is that we try to under promise and over deliver. We tend to save things until they’re much closer to being ready to be brought to market, and I think that that is a little different than traditionally how this industry has worked"

"Not just Sony, but how 3rd-party publishers work, how this industry historically has worked. People tend to like to talk about games for years."

"We have a lot planned for 2009, but we absolutely have not shared what our lineup looks like."

TOO PAWNED3625d ago

O yeah i saw that, read it 2 times. This is how it looks, shorter version.
Journalist:"So what do you have in store for 09 when it comes to exclusives?"
Aaron:"We have a lot planned for 2009, but we absolutely have not shared what our lineup looks like."
Journalist:"Ok, fine with me"

Give me a brake. I said HARD questions.
We all know Sony has few more exclusives, for E3, all of them do. But is that enough to compete with PS3s line up? NO.
Like i said journalist was soft on him and gave up too easilly.
And what are those exclusives? Something like this? ". We announced a lot of games at E3 that came at holiday – Lips, You're in the Movies, Scene It"

Reggie promised big game for hardcore gamers on Wii, prior to last E3, check GTtv older episodes. And what did they give us? Wii Music.

It is easy to say "We have ton of exclusives". But if it is something like this ". We announced a lot of games at E3 that came at holiday – Lips, You're in the Movies, Scene It" - than WOW that is LAME

silvacrest3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

oops wrong reply :P

thenickel3625d ago

I personally don't like the wait until later this year approach but honestly I expect MS to outshine PS3 later this year in exclusives. Developers no where the money is at and would have to be fools to ignore 360 in these troubled times. Also community games is really showing potential and put out 5 to 10 games a week which is impressive. HE may not of said what we wanted to hear but MS just uses a more realistic approach for announcing it's games.

eagle213625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

He has nothing but contradictions, a 2006 mentality, no games worth two cents, and could care less. MS + BS = great suck-cess. :)

cereal_killa3625d ago


It was G4 doing the interview what did you expect I'm surprised they both weren't in a penthouse suite laying in the hot tub together spooning eachother while conducting the interview.

This guy sure has allot to say about Sony and the PS3 I thought he didn't want to talk about his competition and talk more about his own console

"I would rather talk about why you should buy our console than why you shouldn't buy the competitor's system."

Jealousy at best!!!!

bassturd3625d ago

Alan Wake!!!! You need more?

Ya, I'll be doing majority of my gaming on the PS3 this year without a doubt. I don't expect to get tired of Killzone 2 MP for a long long time. But it will be so nice to get away from it to play some Alan Wake, a story driven game, rather than all these first and third person shooters coming out.

callahan093625d ago

at The Nickel:

You think that a Halo expansion & a Halo side project, Star Ocean 4, Ninja Blade, and perhaps Alan Wake and Forza 3 + as yet unannounced exclusives will beat Killzone 2, Infamous, Heavy Rain, Ratchet & Clank F2, Uncharted 2, White Knight Chronicles, and perhaps God of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5 + as yet unannounced exclusives?

TheTwelve3625d ago

Whatever. Sony has to pretty much shoot themselves in the foot to mess up in 2009. Microsoft won't be doing jack...they can say what they want. If Microsoft outsells them in 2009, it's totally Sony's fault. This year is Sony's to lose, not Microsoft's to win.


thenickel3625d ago

1st off MS has yet to announce it's titles and 2nd those PS3 titles might not even all come out this year. I have nothing against what Sony has to offer but the games you mentioned that are known do stand out more to me than anything on PS3. I didn't like the 1st KZ and would rather play Halo any day plus infamous doesn't seem to do anything for me. Let's just wait and see what happens before we start claiming stuff again just like every year before it. 360 is a popular console of choice amongst developers so obviously it will pick up a lot of exclusive or timed software this year and next.

callahan093625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

@ The Nickel:

Fair enough opinions and all, but so far Sony has more software coming out that's been announced. Both companies have unannounced games in the works, too, so who knows which company will announce more new software as the year goes on. Could be either one, but I'd probably put my money on Sony because they've got the most studios and we haven't seen any announcement from a good number of them yet, and others, like Insomniac are growing and opening new offices so they could be developing something new (I'm guessing we'll eventually hear about a new Insomniac IP out of the new North Carolina office).

Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted are allready confirmed for the fall as it is and there's little reason to put any doubt on either Naughty Dog or Insomniac, who ALWAYS hit their release windows. Infamous is definitely coming this year, and obviously Killzone 2 is, and then there's Heavy Rain, which there is virtually no doubt about because Sony has been showing a lot of it lately and they've officially finished shooting motion capture and voices for the game (9 months worth of shooting according to the Qore Episode 8 interview with David Cage). White Knight Chronicles is already out in Japan, so I'd say that it's basically in a lock to come out in the West sometime in 2009. Then there's God of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5, which Sony is constantly talking about showing more of, so they're looking like they'll be 2009. But in my original post, remember, I said "perhaps" for those, just like I did for Alan Wake on the 360 (and we can add Mass Effect 2 to the 09 "perhaps" list for 360, also). Even if they don't come out in 09, they're a shoe-in for Q1 of 2010. Remember, it's important to have some big-names at the start of the new year after a holiday season, to keep your momentum going. That's why you've got Halo Wars and Killzone 2 coming at the end of February, and I think we can all agree that February is so around the corner that they don't feel far removed from the '08 line-up at all. So God of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5 are very much part of the 2009 momentum, no matter what happens.

Then there's the little exclusives like Cross Edge and Demon's Souls which are confirmed. Cross Edge hits America in March, confirmed, and Demon's Souls hits Japan in February, confirmed, so it could hit the US sometime in 2009. And there's Quantum Theory, which is a possibility for '09. Those three titles are likely nothing to write home about, but they're there and they add to the momentum of PS3 exclusive releases throughout the calendar year.

I suppose we shouldn't forget about a game like EyePet, which looks set to revolutionize camera interaction with videogames, and will likely be a casual hit. And National Geographic has already stated that sometime in 2009 they're going to release Sony's AFRIKA in the US. And there's the MMO content Free Realms, DC Universe Online, The Agency, and MAG, which all seem to have a chance to hit in 2009.

So, you look at all that, and you think about the fact that there are definitely a lot of unannounced titles in the works at Sony's numerous worldwide studios, and you can see that the momentum is strong for PS3 titles throughout all of 2009 and into 2010.

Regardless of whether you're excited for Killzone 2 vs. Halo ODST, or Star Ocean 4 vs. White Knight Chronicles, you can't deny that Sony has an undeniably bigger line-up on the horizon, with full-games, established franchises, and brand-new IP's (as opposed to a lot of DLC, expansion content, and side-projects, with few legitimate sequels, new IP's, and full-games), and you can't doubt that third-party developers are getting a lot more out of making PS3 games, so you're not going to see the breadth of third-party exclusives going to the 360 like you saw in the past. Add on to all of this the notion of Sony's numerous first & second party studios, and you know that they're going to have a lot of titles in locked exclusive development, in numbers likely to exceed the number of 360 exclusives currently in development by first & second parties.

To be a gamer these days and not see any reason to be excited about the Playstation 3 hardware and its line-up is just... ridiculous, it really is.

thenickel3625d ago

Well I definitely agree that the PS3 lineup sounds impressive and well worth waiting for. 360 however also sounds great to me but I'm giving them at least until E3 to get me excited since they want to be so freaking secretive. I'm just going to wait and see how the year pans out because one would think 360 has some stuff in the works to be announced later. Personally I don't see the point in gamers claiming the better line up when no matter what we will all never agree on the same things and should just be happy.

callahan093625d ago

@ The Nickel:

Agreed. But remember, Microsoft aren't the only ones who will be making new announcements for new titles this year.

GWAVE3625d ago

I agree that this interview was pretty much worthless. The interviewer basically gave Greenburg an open mic to spew some PR and that's it. Where are the questions about the 360's life? It has a "very long life ahead"? Really? Why did Microsoft only start saying that AFTER Sony announced their 10-year plan for the PS3? They gained a lead over Sony in Europe? Really? Why did it take so long when Microsoft had a 1-year headstart in that region?

Of course, NO ONE likes to play hardball with Microsoft. Pathetic.

thenickel3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

"But remember, Microsoft aren't the only ones who will be making new announcements for new titles this year."
That's very true and what make's gaming news so fun to keep up with as long as it's not about stupid fanboy crap.

BattleAxe3625d ago

@ Callahan

You left out a few major exclusives: Quantum Theory, Final Fantasy Verses 13, DC Online Universe, MAG and The Agency.


-Uncharted 2
-Killzone 2
-Heavy Rain
-Ratchet and Clank 2
-White Knight Chronicles
-Gran Turismo 5
-God of War 3
-DC Online Universe(MMO)
-The Agency(MMO)
-Quantum Theory
-Final Fantasy Verses 13

Plus whatever unanounced games sony has comming this year.

Closing comment: To even argue that the XBOX 360 has a lineup anywhere close to what the PS3 has in 2009, means that you have got to be plain stupid.

thenickel3625d ago

What's stupid is for someone to claim victory the 1st month of the year when the other side has yet to announce it's plans. Both consoles will have a bunch of games not just one and to call anyone stupid based on there opinion show's how ignorant you are. Also quit with the list stuff guys seriously until we have a release date next to the game. If you seriously think that MS just gave up then I feel really bad for you.

RememberThe3573625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Quantum Theory is not a major exclusive. And I don't think anyone here thinks that FFv13 will making it out of Japan before years end.

thenickel: You keep saying that MS hasn't announced all of it's games for 2009, yet you ignore the fact that Sony hasn't announced all of it's games for 2009 as well. And it's not about MS giving up, it's about MS having a weak line-up compared to Sony's. But you keep defending them and pretending to feel bad for Sony fans who have a kick ass line-up for 2009.

lowcarb3625d ago

remember357:"1.15 - callhoun
"But remember, Microsoft aren't the only ones who will be making new announcements for new titles this year."
That's very true and what make's gaming news so fun to keep up with as long as it's not about stupid fanboy crap."
In his defense he did say whats above so your wrong there.

"And it's not about MS giving up, it's about MS having a weak line-up compared to Sony's."
As of right now I do admit that the 360's lineup is looking weak compared to PS3. In all fairness though things could change in both directions like callahan09 said.

Eveybody made some good points in this thread so there's no need to attack the one person who viewed things a little different. This site is all about opinions folks so let's keep it at that.

Why dis3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

LOL at all these scared posts from PS3 fans.

Every year Sony supposedly has the upper hand yet the 360 comes out on top every year.

Now off to see if I can find some "360 fans" in here to talk to.

Consoldtobots3624d ago

microsoft like so many of their most rabid followers seem to miss one point when talking about not "hyping" games up. Hype, is actually good.It builds interest in a game and for those that don't realize it interest = market. What's the use of launching unannounced titles? Who would be anticipating them? Who would be pre-ordering them at gamestop?
In light of that, saying you don't announce games ahead of time is either at best a self serving statement that in fact contradicts the market or at worst a poor excuse for not having a presentable lineup of games this year.

Why dis3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

You're in here in this "360 thread" talking about rabid followers?

No one cares what you say or about PS3, I guess this is why you're chasing us in our own threads to be heard lol.

Seeking out every 360 thread trying to post first setting anti MSFT tones in them will not sell PS3s.

I don't blame you guys though the fans of the losing team always yell the loudest.

giovonti3624d ago

I agree 100%. This arguing is madness. When it comes down to it we really don't know anything. It's all just hype. We spout off names of games that are expected in the future as though they are gonna be worth a damn but they could actually just be sh*t, we don't really know until it's out.

We also don't know a line up for sure. Just because there is a lot of games ANNOUNCED for one console doesn't mean that they have that many more games coming out than the other console. This is just the stuff we know and really when it comes down to it, if you look at the past arguments about what the future of gaming holds, we don't know sh*t.

pippoppow3624d ago

not really suprised at softball questions. G4TV is nothing more than a bullhorn for the 360. From show segments like 360 leader boards, Sark tips, and the defending of 360 titles clearly shows their bias.

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Hal Emmerich3625d ago

'Aaron chats about Sony's Home, the chances of a PS3 price-drop in 2009, the differences between both company's digital distribution strategies...'

Hang on, didn't he just say Sony should concentrate on themselves rather then the competition...

silvacrest3625d ago

did you expect anything less from double standards Greenturd?

Aaron Greenturd3625d ago

Aren't I the biggest toolbag that ever lived?

What's funny is the MS faithful love him, but they hate me....

Now they know how everyone else feels.

Consoldtobots3624d ago

what you are seeing is an attempt at goading Sony into firing back at microsoft for all the negative campaigning they have done against the PS3 and then taking the high road in an effort to make them look bad. I don't think it's working very well since their contempt and jealousy for their competition shows through everytime they move their lips.

DrWan3625d ago

He said, ppl prefer to stream/dL movies more than having the physical disc because it was most convenient not having to go to the store..

when ask about having full game like SOCOM, Burnout ect ect...

he said, he still prefers to go out in the stores and have the box of game and physical media disc..


cereal_killa3625d ago

HaHA so true I just read that I wonder how he likes the taste of his own foot what a tool this guy surely knows how to make an a$$ of him self.

bassturd3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

probably referring to renting movies versus buying games

the 360 you can stream/DL movie rentals through Netflix straight to your Xbox or you can DL movies without Netflix but there is a much smaller selection. Instead of ordering your Netflix movies and having to go pick up the actual CD to watch it and then return it.

I've D/Led a couple movies. I agree with him on this point. That is a nice feature I'd like to have on my PS3. I would definitely use my PS3 over 360 for this feature if it had it since MS has that stupid payment system where you have to purchase MS points rather than purchase the item itself.
As for buying games. I prefer to have the case and CD rather than just a digital copy. Bought Socom from the store with headset!

Bathyj3625d ago

Yeah, its funny that M$ support DD for no other reason than to oppose BluRay, while Sony support BluRay and DD as a secondary means, yet Sony leads that frontier too by allowing full game downloads and more importantly allowing you to choose the size of your own Harddrive by not restricting you to their proprioty hardware.

callahan093625d ago

@ Bassturd:

The PS3 does have its own video store where you can download movies & TV shows.

bassturd3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

really? Where? I only really use the PSN store for demos and games. I've seen trailers to download but I never saw full movies and episodes. But I want to be able to rent movies mostly. I use my PS3 as a DVD/Blu Ray player already so it would just be a kewl thing to skip going to rent at the store and just be able to start up PSN and rent something.

EDIT: Wow thx callah. I never noticed that "video" button in the top left in the PSN store. I seriously had no idea of that entire section of the PSN store and that you could rent movies. Thanks! The the value of my PS3 grows even more for me :). Now I'm a bit confused about what all the hubbub about the 360 movies was about. Netflix I guess? I didn't know the PS3 could essentially do the exact same thing.

Kaneda3624d ago

there is movies rental feature on PSN...

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Kinetix3625d ago

He has valid points on how their approach on certain things are done better than sony's. For example, showing games/apps that still have a long time before they get to stores or in our hands and how home is not integrated directly with the gaming experience. Both systems are great each with strenghs and weakness' that compliment each other. Ultimately it doesn't matter because their both getting their asses handed to them by the Wii.

whoelse3625d ago

He mentions LIVE Party and how its intergrated into the OS and I think that this is something that Sony needs to work on. It takes too long to get into Home and then invite people over.

They should also allow text chat in the PSN Chat Room plus universal in-game invites. Hopefully in 2009.