OXM UK: Bionic Commando Preview

Firstly, a disclaimer; Bionic Commando isn't in the same league as your Dead Risings and Lost Planets. It doesn't have the same sheen or production values OXM UK has come to expect from the House of Street Fighter. Coding duties are by GRIN who impressed with Bionic Commando Rearmed on XBLA.

Its storyline may be a ripped-off version of Escape From New York and its main character a bit Kurt Russell-lite, but the solo mission in a war-ravaged city has the potential to be a cracking post-apocalyptic adventure that'd be Capcom's homage to Fallout. Unfortunately, there's two major problems here. One, it currently looks about as appealing as a sewage plant in the height of summer, and secondly, it handles like a dog that's just had a stroke.

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