Gaming Target: 29 Games To Look For In 2009

From the article: "2008 was a terrific year for gaming. From Devil May Cry 4 in January to Prince of Persia in December, last year was chock full of great games and great times. As we look back at those we've played, we should also look forward to 2009, where the line-up is already looking to be just as good, if not better, than '08. So with that said, here are 29 Games To Look For In 2009 courtesy of Gaming Target..."

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callahan093599d ago

They put Onechanbara for 360 in the honorable mentions? Pathetic. That game is pure crap. It's from 2006 for god's sake, I don't even know why they're localizing it now, over 2 years since its original release. The game looks like a PS2 game. Seriously. It's boring, poorly designed, repetitive hack n slash schlock with PS2 quality graphics, being localized over 2 years too late. Doesn't belong on any honorable mention list, in fact, not only should it have been included on a list of Games To Ignore in 2009, the list should have been made just to feature this game!