240° to Offer 13 Month Xbox LIVE Cards for $29.99 writes:

" is set to offer an incredible deal on the 12 + 1 Month Xbox LIVE Gold card. They have confirmed to us that they will offer the cards at $29.99 (Reg. $49.99) w/ free shipping.

You can use these cards to establish a new membership, or to simply add an additional 12 months of Xbox LIVE goodness to your existing account.

This deal officially starts on Midnight, Sunday January 11, 2008, but has been know to kick them off earlier. This will likely sell out quick, so we will update when this deal goes live..."

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GiantEnemyLobster3541d ago

I'd rather pay than have laggy servers and an online social network filled with Pedos.

thebudgetgamer3541d ago

thats what you got. but dont forget the racists homophobes sexist nerds that are so intimidated by women gamers that try to run them off.
and laggy servers on psn is a joke when 5 on 5 seems to be a struggle.


No3542d ago

Still isn't better than LAG which you get for FREE.

panasonic233542d ago

lol now ps3fans finally can afford live lol

Panthers3542d ago

now just let us know when you can afford a PS3...

panasonic233542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

i spend 400$ on games for my xbox in 08 your right i can't afford a ps3 i mean 400$ is too much for me lol

BLUR1113541d ago

hey! you better take that back

mll093542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )


Yeah obviously, seeing as you haven't got one.

And I spent £400. £ not $.

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The story is too old to be commented.