GripShift suddenly popular in eBay over exploit "If you want some cash, go on eBay and sell your copy of GripShift. The PSP scene's getting stir-crazy over the exploit found in GripShift. eBay listings for the game are getting craaaazy bids. There's one listing that already received a bid for US$ 99.99.

The whole craziness started when MaTiAz found a buffer overflow vulnerability in the game only a few days ago. It wasn't long before he and FreePlay released a Hello World version of the exploit. The whole thing reminds me of how Wiibrew first started. I expect we'll be seeing great things happening soon."

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Hal Emmerich3477d ago

I will never sell my copy, no matter the amount.

(slight exaggeration...)

C_SoL3477d ago

.....bad & yes the music sucks and I love hip-hop.

Cajun Chicken3477d ago

This game would've been far better without the 'urban' music.

LeShin3477d ago

I really liked the music. Of course it's just a matter of opinion as I can only "tolerate" one song in the entire Burnout Paradise soundtrack. Thank goodness they allowed custom soundtrack and released the classic Burnout tunes!

kdawg53477d ago

what does this exploit do?

gaffyh3477d ago

Allows you to run homebrew code on the latest PSP firmware, on PSP-3000. At the moment the only code ran is hello world, but eventually it will become a way to install custom firmware.

I guessed gripshift would get a major sales boost from this.

Cookigaki3477d ago

Well, QJ certainly didn't do a very good job explaining what this is all about. It reads like a bunch of gibberish.

Proxy3477d ago

Now devs know how to get their games to sale extra. Just leave an "accidental" security hole in the program.

kdawg53477d ago

ahh i see

I already put CFW on my PSP myself (PSP Slim) so I wont be needing this game.

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El_Colombiano3477d ago

To sell on PSP all you need is either.

1. A BADAS* game like GOW.

2. An exploit to run code.

moja3477d ago

This is FUD to jack up prices on eBay. If/when CFW on the 3000 is released, you won't need this disc as a downgrader will be released. If someone is serious about 'homebrew' anyway they wouldn't have a 3000.