IGN: 360 Not So Big in Japan

Microsoft's Xbox consoles have never done well in Japan, and 2008 was no exception. IGN learned earlier this week that the entire Japanese videogame industry fared poorly overall last year, dropping 15 percent compared to 2007 numbers. And despite its modest growth there last year, the Xbox 360 once again found itself at the bottom of the heap.

According to new data released by Enterbrain's Famitsu Marketing Data Service, the Xbox 360 sold 23 percent more units in Japan in 2008 than it did in 2007, but that didn't help the console seriously break into the market.

In 2008, the 360 controlled just 2.6 percent of the videogame hardware market in Japan by volume. That translates to 317,859 units, up from 257,841 units in 2007. By comparison, PlayStation 2 made up 3.9 percent of the market, PlayStation 3 controlled 8.1 percent, and Nintendo's platforms made up more than 45 percent of overall sales.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )


Rot in your pathetic grave xbot Microslaves.The punishment for your sins will continue until 2016.


AngryTypingGuy3627d ago

"360 Not So Big in Japan"

Wow, that's quite the revelation.

Japan is a big rock for MS that they need to keep chipping away at. They're making progress, little by little. At least they're the #1 console in the #1 market.

sajj3163628d ago

its not going to magically turn around in 2009 either

GrieverSoul3628d ago

Youre right. But lets at least hope it gets better for all the consoles.

They sure like handhelds! Do they buy one for each hand?! XD

badz1493628d ago

for stating the obvious!

sunnygrg3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Just because of the 3-4 weeks of decent sales or the so-called "more sales than PS3," the 360 won't be tapping the larger percentage of gamers in Japan.

Also, you have to keep in mind that handhelds sell more than consoles in Japan or (maybe) even in America for that matter (DS and PSP??).

But, getting beaten by a 10 year old console that now sits in almost every Japanese home is just one of those WTF moments!!

Genesis53628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I thought the Japanese liked high tech. Nintendo products do not really fall into that category and yet they gobble them up. Ummm! Come to think of it kind of like the rest of the world.

Hope the high def market starts to expand a little more in 2009. The Japanese market is still relevant. Their numbers seem low because they post weekly. NPD numbers are usually 4-5 weeks.

prowiew3628d ago

Definitely Japan doesnt want to upgrade to next gen consoles. Just one top 30 game in 2008 (metal gear). Whats up with that.

kevoncox3628d ago

IF you ask me Sony is the real company in trouble in Japan. They ahve sold what 3 million console in a territory that they sold 35 million in last gen. They will win 2nd place in Japan but Japan has been ignoring the PS3 so far. The 360 is doing bad but when you compare Ms' sucess with Sony's previous sucess in the same territory, Sony the Ps3 so far has crashed and burned in Japan.

Veneno3628d ago

That made no sense at all.

mint royale3628d ago

sony have lost the most and microsoft are still irrelevant.

sofresh2003628d ago

Square made a HUGE mistake in backing the 360 exclusively. What the hell were they thinking?

ActionBastard3627d ago

@ kevincox
You really expect the 2yr old PS3 to have sold 35mil in Japan, simply because the 9yr PS2 did? Haha. Really?

eagle213627d ago

Sony and Nintendo has more marketshare than MS in every region in overall hardware.

GWAVE3627d ago

I find it very odd how people spin certain things about the 360's sales. For instance, when it is being beat by the PS3 in Japan or Europe, the typical excuse is "uh...oh...those places love Sony.", yet when Sony is getting beat in Microsoft's home turf (North America), apparently that excuse isn't valid anymore. Apparently "uh...oh...North America loves Microsoft" isn't nearly as valid. Hmmmm.

Willio3627d ago

Thank you for the interpretation, lol. It was like reading a 10 yr old's essay vs. an adult with one sentence.

pain777pas3627d ago

45% was nintendo 2.6 % was M$ where is the other 52.4%? The PSP is laying the Smackdown over there. You know so Sony still controls market share marginally in Japan and that could change at the drop of a hat for any console. Really all M$ backers take a step back and admit that yet again you will bow out early of the console war. Ahead of Sony launch another console for the US market and fail to achieve market share yet again. One trick pony M$ they have no foresight they better find out what works before apple steps into this game and they will give anyone a run for their money. Sony should make a deal with them for software infrastructure so their online service is up to scratch. Nintendo just keep being Nintendo.

pixelsword3627d ago

if Microsoft replaces every 360, sold or unsold, with the Jaspers and issues a formal apology, they would win back Japan. The Japanese culture love it when you admit your mistakes. I think it's because nowadays they're supportive and forgiving.

I think they got blasted between the medicore JRPG's and the RRoD, which didn't help in the techno-centric country of Japan. Finding out about RRoD there is just about the same as finding out that the person you just married has herpes in the US.

Rhoic3627d ago

Durr.. probably because nobody expects the 360 to outsell the PS3 in it's home turf. I don't care how anyone tries to say it.. the PS3 isn't doing that great in Japan considering that it's already been over 2 years.

majorsuave3627d ago

"Microsoft's Japan Square exclusives -- Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery -- also failed to significantly spur 360 sales, likely because they didn't have the words final, fantasy, dragon or age in their titles."

That pretty much sums the article. That and Nintendo owns Japan.

UnSelf3627d ago

oh really? i havent noticed


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Gantrfaxx3628d ago

Japanese don't get fooled so easily. And they are very traditional.

InMyOpinion3628d ago

They like supporting things manufactured in Japan. The 360 is not unique in this case. This goes for cars, cell phones etc.

windmill1453628d ago

but the ipod is selling great over there.

Sarcasm3628d ago

"They like supporting things manufactured in Japan."

And so do the millions of americans who buy Hondas, Toyotas, Subarus, Mitsubishis, Mazdas, etc. etc.

Doesn't take a genius to understand that Japanese products in general have better build quality.

Looks at PS3, looks at 360. *shakes head at 360*


InMyOpinion3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

The PS2 and the PS1 have had the most hardware failures among consoles the past generations, with drives that stop reading discs.

Looks at Audi/Mercedes/BMW, looks at Daihatsu/Honda/Suzuki...

JD_Shadow3627d ago

But we're not TALKING about the PS1 or PS2, now ARE we?

If those two had defects, then ALL companies should've learned from those defects and make sure they don't happen again, right? Because apparently, MS really didn't.

Why dis3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Retarded example. Video games are a huge piece of Japanese culture matter of fact they think of it as *Japan being the father* of modern gaming. What you said is close to saying because some of europe buy American cars that there isn't a national regional bias towards European cars. lol

You didn't own anybody folks are starting to have that nationalism attatude here in the states(because of the financial crisis)

Just because the Japanese suck at software doesn't mean they are not bias towards their own markets lol. Who cares about Ipods, Levis.....

Rhoic3627d ago

"Because apparently, MS really didn't."

Possibly because MS has only been in the console business for about 6 years, compared to Sony and Nintendo. The fact that MS is already doing better than Sony and they're the underdog shows something. (though, not in Japan)

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Nexy3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Speaking of all the market share in Japan...

Who actually cares? Japan is currently just a small part of the overall world market and it's even getting smaller. The same with the Japanese developers and their games' sales and quality.

Panthers3628d ago

I agree that Japan is becoming less of a market for gaming. They do love their handhelds though.

TheColbertinator3628d ago

Hold your horses there.11 million + Wiis have been sold in Japan.Meaning those 11 million have already bought or are thinking of getting a 360 or PS3.Those numbers are the targets of Sony and Microsoft and they are doing anything they can to get them.

PS3 is about to get 3 million by next month

360 is about to get 1 million by next month

Games like Resident Evil 5,Street Fighter 4 and Star Ocean 4 will determine how much the pendulum swings for PS3 and 360.

Not to mention Japan is a nation more devoted and accepting of videogames than most countries in Europe

JD_Shadow3628d ago

For example, this news about 360 sales in Japan may give some interesting and baffling perspectives into this news story:

Basically, if that game doesn't do well in Japan and moves 360 consoles over there, then the 360 is pretty much DONE in Japan.

Kratos193628d ago

The Japanese are smart people.

monitor3627d ago

yea they are not buying either ps3 or 360