15 Reasons why the PC is best for gaming

PC Advisor writes: "Forget Xbox, Wii and PS3, all you need is a PC. Think a PC isn't a viable gaming platform? Well think again. Here are 15 reasons why a PC is the best device to play games on."

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Bordel_19003629d ago

2 reasons why I'd rather play on my console.

1. 46" LCD and couch.
2. Better games

Jamaicangmr3629d ago

So that makes him a what "Console" Fanboy?

Tony P3629d ago

A bigger TV is cool, but "better games" is such a subjective analysis.

I happen to like *gasp* the benefits of both PC AND console. It boggles the mind, right?

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jamesrocks31473629d ago

couldnt agree with you more, once games like command and conquer are out on ps3 il never look at pc gaming again its easyer better looking and ps3 is way more high tec then alot of pc's

matkun19883629d ago

Better looking and easyer you say, name 1 console game that looks better than the pc counter part. And as for playing better for click and point command and conquer games, i would rather click with a mouse than a pad anyday. -_-

T-Baggins3629d ago

The only plus for PC's is modding, other than that consoles beat the crap out of it gaming wise.

jaybdemented3629d ago

the pc will always be the best. the problem is not everyone can get a computer. plus most some people just dont know what to look for when buying one. they mostly go for the best deal, not the best for gaming. when buying a ps3 or box you know you dont have to upgrde your system just to play the latest game.

Charmers3629d ago

If you have to upgrade your PC when every new game comes out then you are doing something very very wrong. I built a quadcore with 8800gts two years ago and not upgraded it once. The quad too this day still plays games better than the 360 or the PS3.

I will probably do an upgrade around the time the new xbox and Playstation comes out, it won't cost me much because I have saved so much money by buying PC games which are £15 - £20 cheaper than console games. That is the beauty of the PC when I pay for the parts I have PAID for them. With a console you never stop paying for your console, every time you buy a game for your console you pay £10 - £15 straight to Sony or MS for the privilege of playing a game on a console you apparently "already paid for".

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