Bungie set to develop Halo 4?

Bungie is currently auctioning off a cameo voice over in Halo 3 at EBay. The money which is generated by this auction will be supplied to Hollywood Arts, a homeless charity that reaches homeless young people through the arts including: video-gaming, music, movies, fashion, hair, makeup and drawing, providing them with artistic training and a chance to change how they see themselves; create a new community of mentors; and learn life and job-readiness skills to transition them off the streets into school or jobs.

One interesting part is a mention of Halo 4 in the auctions description which "confirms" a 4th game is planned even knowing Bungie revealed that Halo 3 would be the last in the series.

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Boink4314d ago

it may be a 4th game it the halo universe(aka halo wars) but the master chief saga is coming to an end

BubblesDAVERAGE4314d ago

Dont fool yaself...halo and master chief is going no where....we all knwo this...people constaly bash sony for sequels...but halo will go on and on...and it needs too its a stellar game...and i like DMC and Onimusha

th0r XV4314d ago

prequel? alot happened between the covenant and humanity before Halo 1

wolfgang4314d ago

A prequel would be awesome, I would like to know how all this started (between humans and covenants). I Remember playing Command & conquer all over again after finishing Red Alert (the prequel that introduce how the NOD was formed).

Funky Town_TX4314d ago

I want something new. Bungie can make another FPS.

combatant4314d ago

agreed. but unfortunally, they can never kill it because halo is the symbol of the xbox, just like mario is the symbol of nintendo. the halo universe is so vast. make something else in it.

TheMART4314d ago

They can kill it

Gears of War with Marcus Fenix can grow larger then Halo. And Halo doesn't die, the Halo FPS series can die, Halo Wars can continue the Halo franchise. So Master Chief will stay

I bet it was a wrong saying there, nr. 4 should be replaced with nr.3 I bet

Mr Murda4314d ago

Bungie will need to continue to support Halo 3 by supplying regular updates and new maps for several years. This way MS and Bungie can afford for them to tackle a new project. Halo 2 wasn't supported as regularly as it should have been, and look at the continued popularity of Halo 2 despite the lack of support. I know they're releasing new maps this spring, but it should have happened last summer. Instead of adding 7-9 maps at one time, they should add a couple of maps every other month or something to help space it out.

Geohound4314d ago

agreed. Halo needs to take a seat after Halo 3 so Bungie and try something new.

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The story is too old to be commented.