Former 1UP employees form new website.

Eat. Sleep. Game:"Read about our departed 1UP Show friends at Matt Chandronait's personal site, They, like us writers and podcasters (though they're damn good at that too, mind you), will not be stopping what they love doing; not by any stretch. All things considered, these are really exciting times for us all, I think far more than we could have imagined. We're also talking to those guys about how we can work together in whatever we both end up doing, so don't think you've seen the last of us together."

Please show your support for these guys. What happened to the crew at 1UP last week is just awful and these guys could really use the help to keep doing what they love. Their a talented group of people and really know their stuff when it comes to gaming. If you enjoy games then you owe it to yourself to check these guys out if you haven't already. Just try to spread the word so they can keep things moving!

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morganfell3630d ago

Do you miss the Sony hate and bias that was at 1up? Come on over to our new website and witness unprecedented Microsoft suckupology like you have never seen it.

rucky3630d ago

Yep they ain't holding back this time around for sure.

Elven63629d ago

Check the date on that comic please.....

TheColbertinator3630d ago

Hell yeah.The group is coming together.I prefer having new sites like Giantbomb instead of having sites like UGO buying everyone else

RememberThe3573630d ago

They are seriously my least favorite game site.

TheColbertinator3630d ago

I agree.Their layout is so boring and I don't like any of their staff.The worst thing is they are late to getting news and they never get exclusive interviews/previews/reviews.Tr uly a 2nd rate site

barom3630d ago

man I hope they continue with something along the lines of 1up Show. It was to me the most trustworthy source for opinions on a game. They talked about both the good and the bad and very often showed it too with a clip from the game. Wish them the best of luck and I'll be keeping an eye on them for sure. I just hope the publishers will provide them with games to preview.

gametheory3630d ago

Yeah, so I can read reviews from a guy that gives 8.8 to Zelda TP which is about 50 hours long (and that's being conservative) but 9.4 to Gears 1 which is about 10 hours long (and that's being generous); when Zelda TP has complex gameplay, puzzles, storyline, adventure and action all gears has is action and graphics.

Just because Gerstmann got fired for being "honest" it doesn't mean he's good at his job. Giant Bomb is utter bull. I trust nobody, but if I had to trust someone I would start with IGN, and then it's a tie between game informer and gamepro.

1up went downhill after Dan Hsu became the main editor. Before that I used to love EGM, but they became trash.

meepmoopmeep3630d ago

sorry, but if you're gonna start a business,
maybe you should not steal or copy a name?

hrmm... sounds familiar...

InMyOpinion3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Eat Sleep Play is David Jaffe's studio right? I thought it sounded familiar as well.

mazirjones3630d ago

"Eat, Sleep, Pray" ...Don't ask me how I know that.

Ghoul3630d ago

awefull copycat name
awefull comic
awefull sitedesign

it seams finally they dont need to pretend they like the ps3 anymore,
i hated 1up before for its fanboyism and i ignore that crap o website even more

Parapraxis3629d ago

1. eat-sleep-game, was a site a few of the 1up staff created AGES ago.
2. Talking Orange is where the staffers that were just let go will be working.
3. eat-sleep-game has not been used for some time (hence why it's out of date looking)
4. eat-sleep-game is being a temporary home for these guys.

Elven63629d ago

This eat sleep game site has been around LONGER then Jaffe's studio, Jaffe founded his studio in 2007 while this site has been around since 2006.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3630d ago

Look at the site.

3 Xbox Live gamertags.
1 Comic making fun of Sony
1 Halo 3 background
3 Xbox 360 games on the sidebar
3 Wii games on the sidebar
1 DS game on the sidebar

0 PS3 games on the sidebar...

notice a pattern?

Danja3630d ago

They are simply just continuing the 1UP tradition , only since it's now there website they can finally be themselves..XD

Marceles3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

And it sounds eerily similar to Jaffe's studio name, Eat Sleep Play

Highatus3630d ago

You forgot about the feces they can throw at each other.

Oh wait you did mention being themselves... Nevermind.

iNcRiMiNaTi3630d ago

ur comment showed up on their site, scroll all the way down and its number 30

congrats on a quote-worthy post :]

TOO PAWNED3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

For those of you that don't know Ryan O'Donell is PS3 guy, listen to RebelFM. Nice that he needed to loose job to admit that he loves his PS3. Rest of them are pro 360 users, with usual excuse "I am axhivment whore", or "I prefer 360 controller" or "all my friends are on xbox live".

I have to say after reading that comic about PS3 and them having those 360 gamer tags, Halo background, as a PS3 owner do i want to be there? Can i trust them when they say something about PS3, even if it is positive? Problem is once you know someone is biased you have these two problems.
1.He/She/they are biased so when they bash your product, you just think they are biased and not objective.
2.He/She/they are biased but give positive comment on your product, now you will think most of the time that they are sucking up to that part of audience so can you trust them?

It doesn't matter which way they go or say, when you see someone as biased it is hard to trust them. Impossible.

I am most likely 99% not going back there.
Also i don't agree with way how they exploit their fans and get money from them. Do something like Epileptic Gaming guys and try to earn you own money and then do something. This way they ask from ppl money while everyone is still emotinal and "weak", so it is easy to use them.
Strange that bunch of guys that worked for YEARS were not able to save some money for times like this one, no one know what is going to happen in future, so if every single one of them, saved at LEAST 2000USD and put them all together you get a lot of money, enough to buy equipment. But no this is easier

morganfell3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I am 110% not going back there. They are carrying on the 1up tradition in an even more blatant format. All one has to do is see that comic rucky pointed me to and you understand where they are headed. The other stuff is just icing on the cake. Good luck getting MS to pitch in money for them in the this time where MS is whacking studios and preparing to drop sales like a rock.

This is why I posted what I did:

"Believe it. I am thrilled 1up is in the toilet they created for themselves. I only wish I could have pulled the chain myself.

You consider it evil? That is a laugh. We are discussing people that have continued to proliferate lies, inaccuracies, and propaganda, freely and blatantly attacking a hardware/software manufacturer in an unjustifiable manner. They got what was coming to them. What do you think they deserved? A raise? A bonus? No they got their just desserts and I am going to throw a party tonight celebrating their demise."

and an earlier post here:

GWAVE3629d ago

I was never really a fan of 1up. Their excuse for their blatant favoritism for the 360 has always been "I prefer the controller" or "That's where all my friends play". I expect to hear that from a gamer, sure, and I have no problem with it, but for a so-called 'journalist' to use that as their excuse....pathetic.

Prediction: the most hits this new site gets for the entire year is when they score Killzone 2 less than 8/10.

GiantEnemyCrab3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

OH, here we go again... It's the world against the PS3! GMAFB.

You show up late to this website and then call them 360 biased. Did you know before the background they have now it was Heavenly Sword?

When is the PS3 tinfoil hat accessory coming out?

dantesparda3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

You're kidding me right? You 360 fanboys are really retarded and blind. Are you gonna tell me that 1Up wasnt blantly biased? But i bet you think N4G is biased. See cuz the way it works with 360 fanboys is that whenever a site is pro-360, its ok, its alright, that's not biased, they are not being fanboys, but when it has a pro-PS3 slant (which isnt many). Then its biased, its fvcked up, they are fanboys. See cuz to the 360 fanboys, you are only a "fanboy" or "biased" if you're a PS3 fanboy. It's fanboyism at its best.

Highatus3629d ago

"When is the PS3 tinfoil hat accessory coming out?"

Ummm...Friday, hello? are you not in the loop?

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MURKERR3630d ago

why not just call it xboxplus or something, this is going to be the worst most bias site on the net

rucky3630d ago

Let's just hope they won't hide their true colors unlike some so-called gaming websites out there. *coughTAKU*

caladbolg7773630d ago

No thanks. The last thing we need is more sh!tty gaming blogs.

muddygamesite3630d ago

i second that. We dont need more biased blogs aimed at brown nosing the XBOX360.

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