List of Epic MMOs

PCEverything Writes: "I first off would like to say this list is comprised of both free mmo games as well as store bought franchises. Most of the games I have tried myself as well as did some research on how others feel about these games, (many times I had to borrow the game or use a trial version). So I would like say that this list is composed of some MMO games, free and store bought, that you might to try playing these days. On behalf of myself and PCE I hope that this proves an asset. The following MMO's and MMORPG's are not in any particular order."

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thats_just_prime3626d ago

I would of add istaria and 2 moons to the list. Istaria might not have a huge member list but its a good mmo you have ton os races you can play as incluning a Dragon that ages its very cool. You also have tons of classes for you non dragons and you can switch classes at anytime.

2moons is one of the best Free mmo i've played. The classes are well balanced and the pvp is too. Its an all out pvp game though something I didnt care for however the griefer seemed to be pretty limited.

Janga01163626d ago

Nice list, i might check some out.

TaylorFlatt3626d ago

I like how it covers a wide variety of games and not only games like WOW and Guild Wars.

S1CKLY3626d ago

oh god.. did I seriously see Maple Story on that list? ugh.. hardly epic unless you attach a fail to that.

INehalemEXI3625d ago

EQ is the true Epic MMO. Not to bad a list but to say the list contains Epic's and not mention EQ is fail.

TaylorFlatt3625d ago

I see your point, but it just seems to old for me. I mean I understand your logic and it is flawless in the point fact that it does include "epic. However, I took this list for being more of a recent list you know. EQ, was like 99. If we were to go down that road, we would have a list containing 60 titles from star craft to things like bf2142.

Had I made something similar, I would have ranked EQ #2 right under 2Moons (which is exactly how thats_just_prime described).

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