Gametrailers: Killzone 2 Video Preview HD

Killzone 2 is set for a february release exclusive for the PlayStation 3. has already preview this game.

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Carbide73541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

This wait is making me twitch, if anyone is familiar with cryogenics.... yea..

Today I went over to a friend's place where I showed him the "ballet of death" video and he was literally speechless. Yea, he's an unfortunate 360 only owner, and I'm a fortunate ps3 only owner.

Cajun Chicken3541d ago

I was considering the chances of that in the case of Prototype once I finish Infamous.

HighDefinition3541d ago

This is the game the makes PS3 haters, PS3 lovers.

It really is a masterpiece in the making.

Sitdown3541d ago

No doubt about what you are trying to do there.

El Zorro Rojo3541d ago

If you only own a PS3 then you are missing out on great games like Gears of War 2. And I tell my 360-only friends the same thing about not owning a PS3 and not getting to play games like Killzone 2.

Sony PlayStation 33541d ago

I'm so getting a 360 now...wait a minute, fvck this is for the PS3 only, well at least 360 still has infamous, heavy rain, demon's souls, white knight chronicles, gran turismo 5, god of war 3, uncharted 2, yakuza 3, next ratchet and clank and more coming this year...360 will rock on 2009, PS3 has nothing

SRU96003541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

You are trying too hard, my friend.

Seriously, stop trying to hype the PS3 so much and just let the games do the talking.

Nicolator3541d ago

let the game do the talking ...

Nexy3541d ago

You are an unfortunate fanboyish idiot to begin with.

liquidsnake3541d ago

Well to be completely honest, Im with Sony PS3. Why on earth would I want to dish out money for half a PC? I can play all good xbox 360 games on PC except for Gears 2 (for now) and the JRPGS literally suck except for Tales of Vesperia. I can't bother with buying a xbox just for 2 exclusives.

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boodybandit3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

may make for a great 30 second action movie but it will get you killed. A few well placed shots are enough to drop you."

And here I thought you could just knife your way through the game?

Johnny Cullen3541d ago


GT did a preview?

I havent seen them do one in donkeys.

Anyways, I have seen footage from the final build and it is obviously great looking but even then, the preview build looks amazing and considering that I am saying that has to mean something.

Playa79703541d ago

going in guns blazing for 30 secs will make for a good action movie lol

blackmamba7073541d ago

looks like sex, I'll play it on my Xb...oh wait

xlg3541d ago

MARK MY WORDS and i hope everybody read this.


the NEXT HALO its going to smash this game.


ViceKingz3541d ago

the next halo...isnt going to be coming for years?

silverchode3541d ago

im sure the next halo will be released on the next xbox, and a next gen game couldnt beat a game from this gen then that would be sad.

dukadork23541d ago

cryyyyyyyyy baby xb!tch, you're drooling, here's a tissue for ya

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