PSP to PS3 Compatablilty

Techworldwide writes:

As we all know PS3 has the ability to hook up with the PSP and do something called remote play. This functionality allows the PSP to act as a remote control for the PS3 System.


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jazzking20013623d ago

i have nvr tried it myself

kharma453622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

To be honest, you're not missing out on a whole lot at the minute with how Remote Play is presently.

barom3622d ago

I think it works pretty good for movies. Games not so much, there's like a half a second delay for each button input add that to that only like 2 games support it (Bionic Commando: Rearmed and Lair I believe). Movies works great though as that delay means pretty much nothing.

Nothing to buy a PSP for, but a really cool added bonus if you have one.

ThanatosDMC3622d ago

You can stream your PS3's internet to your PSP like being able to watch youtube or veoh or the like for movies and whatever.

badz1493623d ago

more games allowing remote play! I would love to play my PS3 games on the go.

typikal823622d ago

depending on your connection the lag usually kills any enjoyment you may have... unless you're playing something like PJMonsters or something, at least from my experience

Cajun Chicken3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Bionic Commando: Rearmed isn't too great with RP with me.

What was very cool is when I was playing PSone classic X2 (shoot 'em up) downstairs on my PSP when my PS3 was upstairs reading the disc.

Whatever anyone says; Sony have some freaking brilliant techy ideas.

EDIT: Why, hello there, phantom disagreer.

Sheddi3622d ago

The only thing i use RP for is Movies, Music and Pictures.
Games to laggy :P

mastiffchild3622d ago

I'd really like Sony to do more for remote play. Maybe if the things they weant to try on Resistance retribution work we'll see much more of it.
Personally I'd love to see many more PS1 AND 2 games adapted for download and/or remote play for playing by remote on PSP-how cool would it be to play SoTC or FF7 by remote play? All they need is to find a control solution so why not? A bigger library of games stored on your PS3 HDD to play via Wi Fi on PSP would be amazingly good.

killcycle3622d ago

No remote play is amazing the ay it is i watch hundreds of movies on it everyday i basically have my 320gb hardrive in my psp LOL don't say it ain't good peeps it's amazing, I also use it as a video baby monitor for when my sons asleep.

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The story is too old to be commented.