Windows 7 - What we still don't know …

With today's release of the public beta of Windows 7, there are still plenty of unanswered questions related to Microsoft's new OS. Let's examine some of them here.

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3625d ago

...what we are doing ;-D
YEP...That's Micro$oft for you.

sit down droid3625d ago

windows 7 is the bees knees im afraid ken. sorry to ruin your life ;)

UltimateIdiot9113625d ago

So far, I enjoy Window 7. Those who enjoy classic/xp might have a more difficult time switching to 7 oppose to those who already switch to Vista. I am getting the Ultimate regardless of how many editions there are and as long as it comes out before 2011, I can get it cheap from my school.

dragunrising3625d ago

I'm impressed so far. I wasn't able to transfer from XP to 7 so I had to back up all my data on an external. I did a clean install and as soon as I connected to the Internet (automatically) it downloaded all of my drivers. Very impressive. I am amazed that Windows 7 is only a beta. I'm also using Internet Explorer 8; very fast and the first time I used IE in over a year. All I have to say is good work. Finally an upgrade I'm willing to pay for.

Dmitry Orlov3625d ago

I was shocked as well - when I installed Vista on my PC the same thing happened (auto internet connection + drivers).

badkolo3625d ago

me too, but anyone know how we get the key so the beta dont expire in a few weeks

PS360PCROCKS3625d ago

go their, go to download and it will give you a CD key.

freeblue3625d ago

my Vista "Capable" HP doesn't Aero that well.. but Window 7 runs is pretty good. still messing around with it. after install the 64bit.. it takes up about 10 GBs.

anyone knows a way for Window7 to see/read the Vista drive in a dual boot laptop?

LinuxGuru3625d ago

There's a program out there call "EasyBCD". You should be able to reinstall the vista bootloader and create an entry for Windows 7 as well.

Look it up.

Varmint3625d ago

I'm running Vista and 7 in a dual-boot laptop, with 7 on a separate partition. When I first started up 7, I couldn't see the Vista partition in My Computer. If that's your problem, it's just that 7 hasn't assigned a drive letter to the Vista partition.

Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management and in there you should be able to find a drive volume that's the same size as your Vista drive/partition, but it isn't labeled. Right-click on it and assign it a drive letter, and then you should be able to see it in My Computer and access the information on it from 7.

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