IGN: CES 2009: Kodu Impressions

At CES 2009 in Las Vegas this week, Microsoft showed off Kodu, an ambitious new project set to debut on the Xbox Community Games Channel this spring. Pronounced "Code-u," the title is one (big) part game creator and second part game. While comparisons have already been made to efforts such as LittleBigPlanet, Kodu's creation tools are much more robust, its depth -- demonstrated to IGN in a private suite on Friday -- staggering.

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heroicjanitor3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Is there any substance?

kevoncox3624d ago

It's a game creator. That's like being mad that RPG maker doesn't have a great story. You make the game.

MikeMichaels3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Ever hear of Alice?

You know, the thing that this is really ripping off...and we can all go download it and make games right now.

This is just supposed to be a introduction to programming for kids, but with the popularity of LBP...they're trying to make it into something more. This company is a joke. Not an original bone in their body. LOL

No wonder with a years head start sony is right on their back and nintendo is long gone.

heroicjanitor3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

But LBPs main appeal is it is fun and charming. This looks cold, but LBP did a fantastic job of breaking this sort of market, and now Microsoft is looking to take advantage of the great work LBP has done.

Willio3624d ago

No one is going to use it if it has too many options.

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ps12&3lover3624d ago

i doubt this game will come close to lbp..but then again its microsoft..shhhhh cant say nothing bad or else....

Captain Tuttle3624d ago

You'll get bubbles and agrees?

kevoncox3624d ago

That was funny and so true.

thenickel3624d ago

"Kodu doesn't merely enable users to arrange a series of templates, but build worlds from scratch, setting their shapes and sizes, placing objects and inhabitants, devising sets of characteristics, behavioral logics, and more. Casual players will be able to jump into the experience easily using a series of pre-designed configurations. Those with a little more determination, though, will be able to build their experiences ground-up. Microsoft calls it visual programming and having seen it in action Kodu seems to deliver just."

LBP comes no where near this creation tool. XNA tools and now code-u are on a completely different level and can be used to actually make games from scratch. Heck if someone was skilled enough they could make a LBP clone if they wanted. Honestly I don't see what's so amazing about LBP when stuff like this and community games are the real steps forward in changing the way we game.

ali3123624d ago

This kuku abobo or kudo whatever is called will not even come close to Little Big Planet

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No3624d ago

One thing for sure at least Kodu won't Flop in SALES like LBP that's for SURE.

ps12&3lover3624d ago

its all about sales with u rrod if this game is going to break record sales..its nothing close to lbp and never will be..stop jocking us and stick to your galo 1,2,3,4and 5.

Handsome_Devil3624d ago

1.4 mil. and growing is now a FLOP

every day we learn something new

Magic_The_Celt3624d ago

LMFAO pp is down to one bubble again

cereal_killa3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

DAM!!!!!!!!! PP I mean No it took those pathetic fanboys longer to get rid of PP's bubbles some people just don't recognize a genius when they see 1 better try n make another account that no one will know it's you ALL HAIL PP!!!!

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