Why do people buy virtual goods?

Virtual Economy Research Network:

"That question has been a driving force in much of my PhD research, which is finally beginning to reach its conclusion. During this year, I will hopefully have four journal articles published or accepted for publication. I will blog about them here as they come out. Academic publishing can be slow, so some of the stuff that comes out now will have been written two years ago. Fortunately I think all of it is still relevant.

The first article I thought I would blog about is titled Virtual item sales as a revenue model: identifying attributes that drive purchase decisions. It's due to appear in Electronic Commerce Research 9(1-2). A pre-print version (essentially the same content with a less pleasant layout) of the paper can be downloaded here.

The paper addresses the question of why people buy virtual goods by focusing on what features and attributes of virtual items users are attracted to. Using a qualitative study, a total of nine virtual item attributes are identified and discussed:"

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thebudgetgamer3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

but if i have a couple of dollars left on a psn card i might buy a t-shirt or something like that


above: know that from experience do ya?
below i might buy a few things its worth a couple dollars to keep psn free

Snow3624d ago

C' know you want to :)

VMAN_013624d ago

I bought stuff on Home for $$0.00

Donkeykonga3624d ago

Yea, the closed beta goodies were a nice bonus. I only plan to buy houses, or worth wile objects. great for left over change in the wallet too.

Pandemic3624d ago

Because the money goes towards Sony which will help towards:
Keeping PSN free.
PS3 Exclusives.
More things available in home.

Delive3624d ago

Don't forget, Money goes toward R&D for the PS4, ways to make a future proof console a little less expensive. And also making a Good sequel to Champions of Norrath on the PS3. Where the heck is THAT game?

wil4hire3624d ago

Im a big SIMS loser, and buying a shirt for 45 cents really isn't breaking the bank.

But I've spent about $400 on PSN as it is.

Tarasque3624d ago

Well buying games and such is different then buying home stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.