Report: Gmail about one-third as expensive as hosted e-mail

What does it cost to host an e-mail account? It seems like a simple question, but a remarkable number of enterprises surveyed by Forrester had no idea of how to answer that question. A new report by the research company has taken a look under the hood of both in-house and commercial e-mail services, and put some numbers on the per-user costs associated with a variety of options. The surprise result was not so much that Google's corporate services come out ahead, but rather how large a lead it has on every other option.

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meepmoopmeep3625d ago

Gmail is awesome.
it set the standard for email.

i wish they still offered free business email for your personal website
like they did back when.

alas, they charge for that now.

the integration of Video Chat into the browser for Gmail is awesome.

heroicjanitor3625d ago

Is the best. Gotta love that free pop access:)

Tsalagi3625d ago

I just switched from Yahoo to Gmail (after being chosen to be a beta tester for yahoo mobile against my will for the third time) and love it. The spam folder fills up really quickly though.

nirun3625d ago

You are currently using 839MB (11%) of your 7282MB.


VMAN_013625d ago

Lol mine is a nice 10mbs full out of 7282mbs