It Hertz So Good?

Cutting-edge HDTVs are confusing enough, but vendors torture us further when they fixate on some ambiguous number and beat us over the head with it. In past years, they challenged us to parse sexed-up estimates of viewing angles and contrast ratios. Then they bragged about wide color gamuts that allow the TVs to distort what we're watching by adding neon-like hues that were never in the original movies or TV shows.

This year, it's refresh rate-how many times per second a screen can create a new image. When you talk refresh rate, you're most likely talking about LCDs. Standard screens that refresh 60 times per second blur movement because they can't update images fast enough to show action quickly. In the past two years, companies started brining out sets that refresh doubly fast, at 120 times per second, also known as 120 hertz.

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TheTimeDoctor3627d ago

Hz stands for cycles per second; why dumb it down?

NeonSkull3627d ago

yes it does, turning 100hz on my samsung defo makes a nicer image. there are some niggles but the pros outweight the cons.

DrRage773626d ago

i have yet to see the best lcd have a better picture than the best plasma even with all the latest "hz" numbers that lcd are touting...i'll stick to my 50" panasonic plasma and continue to enjoy the best picture!