Destructoid: Q&A with Sucker Punch on inFamous

This morning Destructoid got to see a pretty kickass presentation of the third-person, open-ended superhero PS3 game inFamous. They had the pleasure of seeing it in action, watching gameplay as the newly powered-up former messenger boy Cole scaled walls, flung cars across city blocks, and electrocuted the hell out of everything in sight.

After this presentation, they had a chance to chat with Sucker Punch's Brian Fleming for a bit on what they can expect from the upcoming title. They covered game design, console choices, streaming games off the hard disk and much more in this interview. Oh, and they got geeky with superhero powers.

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No3627d ago

Game looks like a flop i defiantly won't be purchasing this crap.

Cajun Chicken3627d ago

Says a toilet, full of...(last word of your sentence)

MGOelite3627d ago

lol mug as if you could even afford a ps3

Cajun Chicken3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

That is an HARDCORE interview, like chatting with a mate!

Roll on Spring!

andron3627d ago

I wonder what his "heavier" powers will be?

chaosatom3627d ago

he is doctor who. he talks like that.

Cajun Chicken3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Well, the 10th Doctor with an attempt of the costume of Lupin III.

...'talking with a friend then.'

Just can't believe how much the developer casually swears with entheusiam, a geniune non-scripted interview. Excellent.

Donkeykonga3627d ago

Hopefully something to separate it from Prototype. It's ridiculous that both games have the same premise, Sandbox genre, anti hero character, and similar release dates.

andron3627d ago

But I think they will end up different experiences in game.

I think Prototype will rely more on weapons and massive destruction. And in some clips he also has powers, like giant spikes coming out of the ground...

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