And the top-selling game of 2008 was...

According to the latest ELSPA/Gfk-ChartTrack data for the videogames industry, Mario Kart Wii and FIFA '09 turned out to be the top-selling titles of 2008.

Considering that the Wii is the runaway winner in the console wars, it's hardly a surprise to find that Mario Kart, Wii Fit and Wii Play nabbed the top three spots in the single format Top 10.

The all-conquering Wii

In fact, five of the ten games in single format list were Wii titles, along with three Xbox 360 titles (GTA IV, Call of Duty: World at War and FIFA '09), one PS3 title (GTA IV) and the enduringly popular Dr Kawashima's Brain Training on Nintendo DS.

FIFA '09 dominated the all formats chart – EA released the football game across PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, PC, PS2 and DS formats. Mario Kart Wii and GTA IV were second and third in the list respectively.

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Nathan Drake3598d ago

Is it just me or does the 360 in the pic have the RROD?

Anyways,it appears multiplatform development is here to stay,no publisher will look at the sales of 2008 games and maintain a single platform strategy in 09,unless of course one of the big 3 console makers is willing to publish the game.

So with that said,look out for Splinter Cell on Ps3,and L.A Noire on multiple platforms as well.

GiantEnemyCrab3598d ago

If you don't have a video source plugged into a 360 the red lights flash on the front. Didn't you say you own a 360 and you don't know this? Hrm.

The Splinter Cell dev's have already stated that the next Splinter Cell is a 360 exclusive. Although, the quote is old it's a valid one.

"Based on the increasingly proven potential of the Xbox 360 hardware and its online promise, Ubisoft confirmed that Xbox 360 will be the exclusive platform for the next iteration of its influential and massively popular espionage franchise. Through the power of Xbox Live, the series that revolutionized online cooperative and competitive gameplay promises to transform and modernize online gaming once again."

LA Noire does look like it will be multiplatform.

Sony PlayStation 33598d ago

LMAO @ Crab!

That article is from September 2006! PS3 wasn't even released then!

WOW! You had to go all the way back before PS3 was even released just so you could find an 360 exclusive that didn't have "Halo" in the name!

chaosatom3598d ago

you can keep splinter cell crabhead :)

theEnemy3598d ago

You link was dated : September 2006.

thereapersson3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Uh, you know that your link was from 2006, right? That's way before they had to redesign the whole game due to technical issues...

3597d ago
Agent VX3597d ago

WOW!!! Only one PS3 game on the list, and it is GTA 4!!!

What surprises me is how long MGS4 has been on the market, since early/middle of the year and GeOW 2 spanked it's butt in sales in less than 2 months. This was one (MGS 4) of the flagship titles for the PS3, and it doesn't come close to getting on the top 10.

Well, as Sony always says, maybe next year.

Hal Emmerich3597d ago

I don't see Gears 2 in the top ten anywhere, how do you know it 'spanked' MGS4 in sales either?

Open zone--------------->

Danja3597d ago

these are American figures only hence why no Gears 2 or MGS4 im guessing...either way I must say I helped out with Mario Kart being number since I also bought myself a copy..

JHUX3597d ago

lol AGENT do you think before you speak/type?

Unicron3597d ago

Oh Oh Oh! I want to be cool and a rebel like Agent VX. May I spin it too mommy?

Oh wow look, none of the Xbox 360's so called "AAA" releases could surpass the iddy biddy Wii's titles. That's pretty pathetic, considering sales are all that matter. Gears couldn't outscore MGS4, and it couldn't outsell poor wittle Mario. I guess Gears 2 and Fable 2, both glitchfests, are total bombs, and every big selling 360 title could be found on the PS3. Talk about a sinking ship, so long 360.

Excuse me while I go play games instead of sales data.

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Voiceofreason3598d ago

Yeah the highest selling game is an exclusive for Wii, but that means publishers have no reason to remain exclusive... That's pretty stupid to be honest but I expect no less from Sony fans. Just being able to type put you in with top spot of PS3 gamer intellect.With all th PS3 flops this year they have no reason to be PS3 exclusive. However Wii and 360 actually sale games so no reason to not be exclusive to them.

dukadork23597d ago

"bla bla bla whine whine whine bla bla bla... intellect... bull bull bull cry cry cry... sales... babble babble babble sob sob sob... reason... bla bla bla..."

dude, here's a kleenex

AngryTypingGuy3596d ago

Should we acknowledge the Wii as a console or a kid's toy?

GlibGamer3597d ago

Wow... no GeoW2? There's a few notable exceptions in that list. Interesting.

GlibGamer3597d ago

WTF is with the "Random Disagree Monster" hitting this comment? You people are crazy... CRAZY I tell ya!!! :)

Kinetix3597d ago

No ps3 exclusive? for shame...

Graphics Whore3597d ago

Lol There's no Xbox 360 exclusives in that list either, let's keep this PG so the stupid people don't run amok.

grkblood133597d ago

to see GeOW2 and MGS4 up here. Shows how easily I forget about the Wii and I own one.

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