MacLife Review: Amateur Surgeon

MacLife writes:

"Imagine that you're living on the tough streets of the big city, just trying to liberate someone from their hard-earned cash when you accidentally "fall on some bullets." A visit to a regular hospital is out of the question. That's where an amateur surgeon comes in.
You play a pizza boy with a penchant for surgery in the first 17+ rated game to appear in the App Store--mostly for violence and profanity and a lot of references to drugs and drinking. It's also the first game from Adult Swim, a more complete version of the short, web-based freebie.
The game starts as you accidentally run over a hobo who turns out to be a disgraced doctor. He urges you to slice him open with your pizza cutter and do a little tinkering, and before you know it, you're on-call for drunks, vagrants, lowlifes, and people who generally aren't seen in the surgical ward."

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