MacLife Review: World of Goo

MacLife writes:

"Puzzle games are rarely as emotional, funny, and engaging as World of Goo. In its understandable core, you'll just build structures by connecting living goo balls-the circles latch out arms to grab their close-by neighbors, creating elaborate bridgeworks of interlocking joints. This excellent, fundamental challenge makes a great game. But the layers of beautiful art, goofy sound, and humor piled on top make World of Goo a must-have for anyone who's ever connected two Lego bricks.
World of Goo begins simply, gradually teaching you different ways to use the goo balls. In nearly every level, you'll build a tower, bridge, or other structure leading to a mysterious pipe that sucks in the remaining balls. Throughout, you'll have to keep the assembly balanced-too much weight on one side will crash it into the ground."

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