Killzone 2 Elite Shock Trooper

Today Guerilla Games Introduces us to the Elite Shock Trooper

'These ferocious and resourceful special forces are among the most respected and well-rounded units in the Helghast corps. Also referred to as "Shocks" or "Leets" by ISA soldiers, the Elites are all hardened veterans with wits to match their bloodthirstiness.'

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sanamsingh3627d ago

after watching the ballet of death video?

Karum3627d ago

Yes, I thought it was fantastic and should be made into a commercial for the game.

PotNoodle3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Knowing sonys advertising department, we'll just see something along the lines of some old woman walking her dog down a dark street, stopping to face the camera and grinning.

The only relevance that the ad will have is that if you look carefully, you'll notice the killzone 2 logo being reflected in some a window.

Draperc3627d ago

I agree, it should be a commercial, but then we'd hear from the angry mothers yelling about how violent the commercial is. =/

jwatt3627d ago

I think that's a female!

Helghast Slayer3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

@ 1

Yeah i was still dreaming about that video in my sleep. I think i even screamed out "die higs, die" lol.

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yamamoto1143627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

AKA "Generic FPS buffed-up human bad guy #42 with artificially increased accuracy, health, and X-ray vision".

y0haN3627d ago

You're gonna pay for that one :)

devilhunterx3627d ago

youre thinking of that other game. with the chainsaw

ChanDangle3627d ago

How about a 7ft superhuman in a green suit that saves the galaxy. Spartan power ranger Master Chief!!!!

Aclay3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Whenever I first saw these Elite Shock Troopers on the cover of Game Reactor magazine, I had a feeling that they would be quick and agile because of their smaller stature and it turned out to be so.

After reading the description about them and battle tactics, these guys are definantly going to be tough.

I don't think I've seen gameplay videos with these guys yet, but I sure would love to... but if I don't, I'll get hands on with them come Feb. 27th!

Pleth3627d ago

LMAO @ Devil. So true! GOW has horrible issues in regards to online play. The story mode is, yes, decent with great boss fights but so many last-gen standards at play. I saw it noted earlier that these 300 pund aliens get shot down then you can kick them around like a soccer ball. The devil is in the details. KZ2 looks to be top friggin notch.

PS I own a 360 and a PS3. I am in love with both consoles. 360 for online and PS3 for bluray and exclusives.

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