Ex-EGMer: The "Death" of the Dream

Phillip Kollar, now-former EGM editor, writes:

"I'll be honest about something I don't think I've ever admitted publicly: When I entered the office on my first day of work as news editor at, I quickly encountered a bit of disappointment. My time with the website was amazing, as were the people I was surrounded by, but there was a part of my brain, way in the back, that kept whispering, "This is it?" during my first couple of weeks. Part of this probably has to do with the fact that I was freelancing news for 1UP for a year before I got hired, so I was used to seeing my name on the website, and I wasn't yet involved with the most exciting things 1UP had to offer (the 1UP Show and 1UP FM), but whatever the reasons, it happened. But although it took months of being around the office and making a name for myself to happen, there was one part of the job that absolutely never lost its sense of wonder: seeing my name attached to a printed article in an issue of EGM."

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