Roy Orbison 'Rock Band' DLC Intended For People Who Don't Know Who Roy Orbison Is

Most "Rock Band" players might not know who Roy Orbison is, but a good rock song is a good rock song, argued the late Roy Orbison's wife, Barbara Orbison, in an early morning phone interview with MTV Multiplayer this week.

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steph55803620d ago

I honestly think it's about time that Roy Orbison breaks into mainstream again. I think that some of today's youth need to learn about the great Roy Orbison and some of his signature songs..... besides Oh, Pretty Woman.

I think this was a great move to put Roy back where he belongs, on top!

StarryGrl3620d ago

I respect Barbara Orbison. Of course Roy is great rock and roll! I'm stoked about his songs being on Rock Band. Thanks Barbara!!

StarryGrl3620d ago

For sure! Most artists don't have six songs! And here comes Roy starting off with six!! HA HA! That's just peachy! I'm stoked for sure.

Kate83619d ago

Cool! Roy Orbison! I think this is a total breakthrough for Rockbanders like myself who enjoy such great music! I'm excited mostly for "Oh, Pretty Woman!" Hopefully he will come out with more in the near future!

Kate83619d ago

Roy Orbison is my hero!

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