IGN: Race Pro Updated Hands-On

With the exception of series like Gran Turismo and Forza, racing games on consoles tend to shy away from strict simulation, opting instead for a more arcade-focused experience. But veteran PC racing sim developer SimBin wants to change all that.

And so the Swedish company has teamed up with publisher Atari to deliver Race Pro exclusively to Xbox 360 gamers next month, a decision that caught many console racing gamers by surprise. Sure, SimBin's GTR series is revered among PC racing die-hards (the dudes with the special force-feedback chairs and titanium steering wheel controllers that cost more than a Subaru Justy). But among console gamers, the company is an unknown. So what can you expect from SimBin's first console foray?

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Firstkn1ghT3630d ago

GT and strict simulation should never be in the same sentence. Race Pro looks like a beast but I don't know if it can take Forza's crown.

wil4hire3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Or when Citroen debuts its concept vehicles with it

Or when BMW advertises using it

Or when Nissan asks Polyphony to design their in game gui for the worlds fastest production vehicle.

Or when Subaru brings the WRX/Sti to the USA based on the success of a game.

Or when you can use a G25 steering wheel with 6spd and clutch.

Or when it can simulate traction rules of throttle/braking accurately.

Or when it looks better than GT4

Or when it runs any 1080p lines

Or when it has a carlist upwards of 500

Or when it can accurately scale Nurburgring\Tracks

Or is the standard and best looking most polished renditions of the most detailed vehicles and tracks known to man.

Forza is a great game. Has amazing sounds, great customization. Terrible damage, but damage non the less! The driving is the worst part of Forza when compared to other games. The cars have no weight, and totally dont track realistically. But GT is in a class of its own, in both sales and community/enthusiasm.

RacePro is more than likely going to infinitely be a better simulation than Forza due to the pedigree of the developer. Much like Polyphony, Simbin is the SH*T when it comes PC sims. I would go as far to say they are the Polyphony of the PC world? I just hope they make a modification so 360 owners can enjoy a real FFB wheel with weight. But forza folks sure aren't going to like it when they cant go wot and turn with 100% traction all the time. RacePro isn't looking like it will be anywhere near GT5p when it comes to the graphics, Its too bad they couldn't push the 360 anymore to get the visuals SimBin is known for, but its going to be a great racing sim! Where as GT is a driving sim.

"the graphics aren't on par with some relatively recent Xbox 360 racing games like Forza 2 or Grid." :\

If you knew anything about sims, you'd know that SimBin is the one to root for as far as car sims on the 360. SimBin's games run circles around forza 900x. But I have a feeling since this isn't an exclusive. It will be ignored to defend Forza.

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