Why the Wii has Won writes: Looking back on 2008, one thing stands out in my memory that seriously changed the way I look at video games. That thing is the Nintendo Wii. I've had a Wii for a year now, and it has surpassed any expectations I had for the team at Nintendo. I've always played other systems, but had a bias for the Nintendo flavour of games.

About a year ago it was a week before Xmas 2007, and I convinced my girlfriend that we should buy ourselves a Wii for a present. The only problem was that they were harder to find than a Hammer Brother Suit. I was constantly checking the online classifieds, and phoning every electronics store within a 100km radius of my house. Then finally a local store received an unexpected shipment of ten systems, and I got down there when there were two left (the guy behind me in line got the last one).

This all seemed like a big deal for just another console, even though it was the holiday season. After all the stress from acquiring the Wii, I could've been easily disappointed if it didn't live up to the hype. Luckily, the first title I bought was Super Mario Galaxy. This is always a safe bet with a new Nintendo console, as the designers behind the Mario Franchise are sure to be familiar with all the capabilities of the new hardware, and have the track record of many of the best games ever created.

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Spike473574d ago

game thing. Hardcore gamers would be dumb to buy a Wii.

Montrealien3574d ago

And hardcore gamers are a only part of the complete market.

Has the Wii won the Hardcore gaming market? nope. Has it won the whole gaming market? yep.

Shadow Flare3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Right, i'm sick of people including wii in with the ps3/360 war. It is not in the same console war as ps3 and 360. The concept of the wii is so far removed from the other 2 consoles, that nintendo by its own aims with the wii removed itself from the ps3 and 360

It's like Ferarri (Sony) saying, "We're bringing out the Ferarri Enzo (PlayStation 3)"
Dodge (Microsoft) then reply, "Ok, we're bringing out a new Dodge Viper (Box 360). It runs on sawdust by the way."
Volkswagen (Nintendo) then trot up and say, "We're releasing the new Volkswagen Golf (Wii)".

Let's see what sells more!!!....umm, friggin prizes who sold more there!

The wii is not in the same race. It doesn't even appeal to the same type of gamer (if you can call them gamers). Quite impressive the Dodge Viper broke down at this year's CES show btw

mabreu3574d ago

The wii won in quantity not quality.

Montrealien3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

There are still more Golfs that sell yearly then Enzo`s or Vipers. And the enzo/viper market is a very small part of the whole car market.

At the end of the day, they are all cars.

Why do you guys care so much to explain things people already know? Any gamer with half a brain know what the Wii is. Enjoy your gaming they way you want it to, I know I do. And it can be on my PS3/Wii/360 or even a few hours playing Alien vs Predator on my Jaguar. and yes, I can admit the Wii ha swon this generation because I`m a gamer, not a brand wh*re.

anh_duong3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

who has won this generation?

who the fricking yogi bear. people who write these sort of articles are not gamers.

like everyone else in this forum the only thing i care is that no one loses (ie does a sega)

btw people shouldn't be hard on the wii because the wii has grown the industry sideways (across demographics) more than any other non-portable console in history. this can only be good for gamers as today's casual gamers become tomorrow's hardcore players. the bigger the industry the greater the choice and the cheaper the prices.

INehalemEXI3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

revolution. They basically said F you 2 Hardcore folks for picking the ps2 and xbox over gamecube and targeted casuals even more then they normaly do.

I got one and lady's do love them. As well as elderly and people you would not expect to game. Still its rarely used.

boodybandit3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

it is the 1st Nintendo made console I have not purchased. I am not being a hater but instead just giving my honest opinion. Some of the best gaming experiences I have ever had were on Nintendo hardware and their in house titles. I just have no interest what so ever in what the Wii has to offer me as a gamer.

My dad owns a Wii. My dad has never played a video game before in his life. We were Christmas shopping together last year and he tried a display model at Walmart. He thought it was awesome so I bought it for him as his Christmas gift. My dad is 75 years old.

What Nintendo did with the Wii as a company was simply brilliant as far as $$$ but I feel jilted by them as a gamer.

Shadow Flare3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

I can't say the wii has won. When you say "the wii has won this generation", i imagine an awards ceremony with the catagory "Winner of this Console Generation" and the following nominations are....'Nintendo'. And the winner is...'Nintendo'. Because it's by itself. Sony and Microsoft are in the next auditoriam competing on the 'Best Next-Gen Console' catagory, not the "Best Toy", "Most Efficiant dust collector" and "Shovelware FTW!" awards. I also imagine Steve Balmer whooping like a prat on stage because he found a peanut, and Kaz Hirai laughing at him because his 360 rrod during his presentation. It's just when the media writes stuff like this it annoys me

BulletToothtony3574d ago

they're 2 different things..

One is bought by people who want to entertain their guests, and the other to entertain themselves.

Bnet3433574d ago

I don't have a problem buying a Wii and I am a hardcore gamer and that would not make me dumb because it still has a few gems I would want to play like Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, and Metroid Prime 3. I would never replace it with my PS3/360 though.

ChickeyCantor3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

" Hardcore gamers would be dumb to buy a Wii "
YEAH it's dumb to get a console for some solid games.
A core gamer would get this one too, and you people who claim that you are "hardcore" are making fools out of yourself.

(wether you think there aren't many solid games doesn't make a difference a good game is a good game).

But who am I kidding, i'm talking to "elites" who think they are gaming gods.

Dismissing a console knowing there are solid games on it, you guys hardcore?...LoL

Viper73574d ago

Well if you think winning is about hardware sales then it most definetly has. However I and probably many other HC gamers have classified Wii more as a Toy than a real gaming console.

For me the "winner" of the console wars is the one with best games, and to tell the truth thats pretty hard thing to do when Microsoft and Sony are both pouring great games for their systems one after another. Maybe we gamers(Ps3 and X360) are the winners of this console wars.

Some might say that X360 and Ps3 are both messengers of the new age where console gaming will finaly reign supreme.

Dont get me wrong, there are few great games on wii, like Mario kart and Mario galaxy but the list today is way longer and stronger on the HD-consoles.

socomnick3574d ago

Im sick and tired of people saying that the wii is not in the console wars. How is it not, it plays games, its a daam console, it launched this generation. The wii won because they took a risk, they wanted to make family friendly games and the mass market bought into it. Millions of people that had ps2s last gen are eating the wii up now, while the 360 and ps3 struggle to get the few hardcore games left.

CrazzyMan3574d ago

What a noobs...

And in terms of games(all games released on PS3 vs all games on Wii) PS3 wins over Wii EASY.

Sales, is all what Wii has for now, but well, you shouldn`t compare beans(Wii) to caviar(PS3). =)

AWBrawler3574d ago

dumb for playing the type of games I like instead of what the media says I should like. What GameInformer says is cool. Yeah I'm real dumb to think for myself. How dare I?

ChickeyCantor3573d ago

Are you ill?
The price is one FACTOR, what about promotion towards the People? wasn't the 360 dropped in price and it didn't affect the Wii.

Price won't do sh/t if people don't know what they are getting.
MS and Sony need to step up and do their marketing better, they are doing a pathetic job at it.

N4g_null3573d ago

What is wrong with hardcore gaming.
Notice how picky you guys are.
Console where always the poor mans PC game...... Games expanded because they where for fun not prestige.

What type of games do you like because the type of games you like may not even be what I want and I'm a very hardcore gamer.
Viper7 what games are so much more fun to play on the HD consoles? I mean yeah they may look good but res evil looked good on the GC yet the PS2 still got way more games. It's not always about looks other wise the neo geo would still be in the console biz.
@Shadow Flare

The HD consoles seem to be more in the toy status, yet they are tech toys. The media is annoying but the fanboys refusing the fact is even more so. Hey let the Wii win who cares? When the GC and xbox where getting crushed no one cared that the PS2 won, hell I was still playing a dreamcast and goldeneye a few times a month.
About your car model analogy you’re a little off. The Ferarri is not a PS3 it is clearly a Core i7 with a HD4870.
The HD console are operating mostly like the SUVs they cost a lot look good but just don't perform or come with big added expenses like an HDtv
Yet the Wii is like a hybrid that actually has some power to it. Show offs "baller" types don't like it. Yet every one else does. It's funny the Dodge Viper broke down and it's also funny that the Like dodge GM and the others they the HD manufactures are being hit the hardest.

Your are right the Wii is not in the same race which would be the loosing one. They are in the console race while the HD console are in the PC market trying to be set top boxes and clearly getting crushed in the console market. Oyeah I'm sorry but intel is not letting go of the PC market.
We always wonder what would happen if console developers tried to cross over and now we know. They will die out just like the other none

@boodybandit you seem to be put off more with your dad getting the system than the games. You guys are simply ignoring the Wii now in an effort to put it down. You really wanted your dad to get an HD console right? You wanted him to game with you right? Well the same way you will not embrace his games is maybe the same reason or opposite reason why he won't play yours. The simple truth is he is now a gamer but not your type of gamer. It seems hardcore gamers want to be the president of gaming instead of enjoying it for what it is.
Console gaming was established a long time ago and it flew in the face of PC gaming. The simple fact that hardly any hardcore gamer on N4G wants to play the VC games shows that your are actually not hardcore traditional gamers. Most of you are cheap PC gamers. It happens to every one. You get older and have more money so you getting into high end gaming (pc gaming). Yet now you have confused console gamers in an identity crisis and the developers just do not know how to please you guys because you all want PC games on a limited spec console.

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GiantEnemyCrab3574d ago

I think I just threw up a little.

Bnet3433574d ago

Me too. Now we have a small puddle of mixed up vomit.

3574d ago
Shaka2K63574d ago

A modified gay cube i mean Flop cube i mean nobody bought cube Hahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!

Killzonegamer833574d ago

The wii has won but in my book as won as a Toy and not a gaming console. The wii is just a toy to me, just like that commercial where you can plug in that learning game and kids can learn the fun way and it shows those 5 year olds jumping up and down, thats what the wii is to me. A TOY