CES 09: What Did Microsoft And Sony Bring To Vegas?

Games! Or, I should say, games. Mostly older games, but games nonetheless. CES isn't the place for four year-old tech like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But that doesn't mean they're totally absent.

Killzone 2, for example, is playable in Sony's big booth, as is Resistance: Retribution. Microsoft brought pre-release builds of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II and Halo Wars. While much of what Sony has in its booth shows off fancier tech - like PSP and PS3 connectivity and a massive stereo system - Microsoft seems more content to just give Lips and Banjo Kazooie floor presence.

The full list of games brought to CES by the big boys - there are plenty of booths with Rock Band and Guitar Hero set ups scattered about - is after this. We're off to go play some of this stuff!

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LAUGH....BANJO FKN KAZOOIE and LIPS...should have just shown the 60 million dollar DLC..

cmrbe3630d ago

PROD console. Thats it.

acedoh3630d ago

I don't expect much moving and shaking coming from the consoles. Many years ago the CES was the big videogames show but with E3 it became an afterthought. I was impressed with SONY showing off 3d as I hope that becomes the future of gaming...

Cwalat3630d ago

.. in short.. i think MS babbled on about how much they like to milk Halo..

And Sony just showed us what that KZ2 is the best FPS ever created..

in short...

marinelife93630d ago

I wonder which booths had more visitors?

ThanatosDMC3630d ago

Sony brought Killzone 2.

Microsoft brought Halo Wars with RROD console. (yup just read that article a minute ago)

T-Baggins3630d ago

If you look at Sony's key notes and other shows they brought a lot, not much video game stuff but looks of new products and innovations, Microsoft brought windows 7 and talked about a few games, I would say CES was pretty good this year for me.

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