White Knight sets benchmark for 2nd week sales

The PS3 exclusive White Knight Chronicles has now set a benchmark for 2nd week sales. After selling more than 200,000 in it's first week, the title continues to sell, according to the latest Famitsu numbers. Though it slipped from 1st to 6th overall in the rankings in it's second week, White Knight still sold 74,000 copies, which sets the record for best 2nd week of sales. It beat out Metal Gear Solid 4 and Devil May Cry 4, which went from 480,000 to 64,000 and 212,000 to 34,000, respectively.

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TOO PAWNED3630d ago

Let's see how Kotaku spins this one.

Danja3630d ago

who needs to Kotaku when we have :

First Knight


chaosatom3630d ago

RPGs on the PS3 = MONEY.

Lifendz3630d ago

and it didn't really score that well in Famitsu. Can't wait to play the U.S. version. Hopefully it comes out sometime this summer. I say summer because next month is all Killzone, Street Fighter IV, and Fear 2.

TheTwelve3630d ago

There it is...the only game I want more than Killzone right now.


eagle213630d ago

Kotaku are fools to think anything against Sony in Japan. Pure idiots. :)

kewlkat0073630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

this is sh!t numbers compare to what AN EPIC Final Fantasy game will do, not even in the same ball park.

Final Fantasy 12 sold 1.7 million after like the first week in japan. I have no doubt about FFXIII and others. Look at what dissidia does to the PSP.

Stop hatin..

On the other hand great for WKC, Japans first true JRPG for the PS3.

chaosatom3630d ago

I was saying that Square should stop making exclusive games or timed games on the 360. It's pisses people off and they lose out on all the money that they could make for the ps3.

cryymoar3630d ago

who cares about sales when their games blow hard?
last remnant anyone?

What they are doing for money is sacrificing game play. Microsoft wins, Square wins, you lose.

tetsuhana3630d ago

Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant, Star Ocean 4, NOT on the PS3, that's what

kewlkat0073630d ago

chaosatom - Comment "1.2 - ROFL. MAYBE square can LEARN.
RPGs on the PS3 = MONEY. "

-Oh yeah I get it besides ROFL, not sure why that is necessary looking at how Square games sell and looking at these WKC numbers.

chaosatom - Comment "1.7"I was saying that Square should stop making exclusive games or timed games on the 360"

-Oh that's what you meant..while ROLF.

@apena89 - "What they are doing for money is sacrificing game play. Microsoft wins, Square wins, you lose."

Oh yeah 5+ million people love a game that blows, I guess. BTW square has 1 timed exclusive which has been LR. I can tell some are still sour about exclusivity. I'll leave it at that.

I NEVER LOOSE kid, I Can get any game I want for whichever console. I tend to look at history and don't make a big fuss over measly numbers.

DRUDOG3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

"I NEVER LOOSE kid, I Can get any game I want for whichever console. I tend to look at history and don't make a big fuss over measly numbers."

When did loose start equaling lose? Every time I read it as "loose" it sounds like Rick Ricardo from I Love Lucy...

BTW, Chaos, I understood what you meant and agree. I guess that MS has lined SE's pockets enough that they really don't care. RPGs (especially JRPGs) sell like mad on PS systems. Always have and probably always will. I can't wait for WKC. After KZ2, Uncharted 2 and GOW 3, my most anticipated game of '09 (that includes FFXIII, if it ships).

prowiew3630d ago

Kotaku already posted that WKC dominated the software charts in japan. Why the hate?

strotee3630d ago

FF12 was released when the PS2 was around the 100 million mark. 100 mill install base is 5 times a 20 mill install base, so, you do the math. Don't compare games released 2 years into a console's lifecycle versus a game released after it already hit an affordable price and 5 times the install base.

kewlkat0073630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Look at God of War 1/2's numbers with over 100 million Ps's sold?

Huge install-base base Doesn't always equate to Huge sales...Fools

FF series sells on the strength of the Franchise...This game haven't done sh!t for sales. Desperate fanfare for every game release just shows you how bad it is.

so I will compare..I'll come back to this, convo when FF13 hits, then we will see where you user-base theory lies.

callahan093630d ago

Seriously. There was already an article today about how White Knight Chronicles sold disappointingly during its second week. Hahaha. Now we learn the fact: best second-week for a PS3 title ever. How is it disappointing, then?

FarEastOrient3630d ago

So White Knight Chronicles has out sold Infinite Undiscovery, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and The Last Remnant.

Please everyone, give me a moment of silence while I box my three dead Xbox 360s. I guess after three red rings there is no more games for the X360 for me. :(

beast-within3583d ago

why is that good jrpg's are on xbox 360??
man the reason i bought ps3 is because i thought it would have a lot of jprg but i think im mistaken...
im thinking of selling my ps3 then buy an xbox 360...
man this is pissing me off anyways i can buy xbox 360 without selling my ps3 coz its cheap...
i guess ill just use my ps3 to watch blue ray dvd's then.. pfff..

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DA_SHREDDER3630d ago

Kotawho? Really , who gives a sh8t what that piece of crap site says about anything? We got n4g.

SmokeyMcBear3630d ago

but but but 6th place.. its the suxxors

Graphics Whore3630d ago

I think White Knight looks really interesting, I'll give it a go.

Elven63630d ago

That's not bad, I doubt it will reach a million units in Japan though, perhaps when it reaches bargin bins? It would be interesting to see how this title does overseas, both at retail and in reviews.

Hal Emmerich3630d ago

Don't think any PS3 title has come close to 1 million in sales in Japan, that's not a dig its just Japan has a low install base, hopefully it can reach half a million in Japan which would be fantastic.

Elven63630d ago

4 disagrees and only 1 reply, you gotta love N4G.

The Xbox 360 with its low install base in Japan has come pretty close so its definitely plausible for the PS3 to do the same, I think Metal Gear Solid 4 did.

Hal Emmerich3630d ago

...and I wasn't even one of the disagrees lol.

I think its plausible with big name titles (definitely FF) but for a new IP with the scores Famisu gave it, these are really good numbers.

cereal_killa3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )


what game on the 360 sold almost a million the system it self hasnt even reach a million in Japan and please tell why you care about sales so much I'm so sick of people and there sales, neither Sony nor M$ is giving you money for sucking up to the system, Who cares about sales do you think the Japanese gamers cares about how the game sells or what site rated the game. As you can see in Japan this game is selling good The 1st week in sales was better than any 360 RPG and with no surprise with the exception to fanboys that game didn't sell the same the next week after and I'm sure it s what L5 was told to expect it's still selling and will continue to sell once it finally reaches NA/EU it will sell more that's all L5 cares about. I'm sure that L5 and Sony are writing up a nice big fat exclusive contract just waiting to be sign as soon as is hits in NA/EU to see how the first few weeks turn out.

liquidsnake3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Eleven6 your talking out of you @ss. The "biggest" RPG on 360 so far is LO and that game has sold 800k copies WORLD WIDE! I bet it hasn't even sold 100k in Japan so stop your nonsense. This game will easily sell +1 million copies when it hits EU and NA.

Elven63630d ago

Misspoke a bit but if Blue Dragon could sell what was it 300K in Japan with less then a million consoles theirs no reasons why anything on the PS3 isn't able to sell close to a million, I don't understand how selling units is a bad thing all of a sudden. According to cereal_killa's logic I guess games should sell poorly for what ever reason.

cereal_killa3630d ago


Im not saying sales are bad what I'm saying is why everyone has to bash sales on the PS3 everyone compare sales to Halo why not compare it to Wii fit or even Wii play both of those combined seem to have destroyed everything that every halo sold. Dude listen I'm not trying to start a war with anyone here I'm just sick of people jumping on this and that because a certain game sold better than the other, who the fvck cares WKC is selling and L5 and Sony knows it. It's not like the game all of a sudden fell off the face of the earth and no one can buy it anymore the game has only been out a little over 2 weeks and only available in Japan.

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